The Day We Discovered That Santa Wasn’t Real


We all love Santa, but we all know Santa isn’t real. Here’s The Oracle staff’s personal stories of when they found out jolly old Santa was a myth.

Dream Nelson: December 24, 2009 was the first year my grandmother came down to visit me. I had already had my doubts about Santa Claus, but never had any proof until that night. My mom did the usual routine: setting out cookies for Santa (which I always ate), putting out the presents she bought, and then making dinner. My sister and I always went to bed early so that we would wake up and get to our presents sooner, but I just couldn’t sleep that night. I kept hearing my grandmother rustling around in the hallway and it sounded like she was carrying something heavy.

As a curious kid, of course, I got up to check, but sadly she caught me. My grandmother then had to come in and watch me until I feel asleep. In the morning, I saw the cookies had been eaten and a huge new amount of presents under the tree. Some said they were from Santa, but I knew better. There was no way my mom would let an old man crawl down the chimney and eat our food —  plus what about the starving children my mother would always bring up every time I didn’t finish my food? Something about this man just didn’t add up, and my seven year old mind could just tell the whole thing was baloney.


Makayla Scerbo: I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 10 years old. It was winter break of my fifth-grade year. My sisters and I were drinking hot chocolate and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas when we all started to fall asleep. Eventually we all went up to bed. It was about 5:00 am when I crept downstairs to try and see if Santa had come. What I saw was my parents placing presents under the tree. I was shocked. I waited for them to finish and went over to see that on the presents they laid down the card on them said “From Santa.” And that’s how I found out Santa wasn’t real…by being a snoop.

Now as a teenager I still tell my mom that I believe in Santa because she always says “the year you stop believing in Santa Claus is the year you get socks.” If my mom asks, I still believe in Santa Claus.


Jessie Reyes: Believing in Santa as a young child seem something so magical.  We love following Christmas traditions on Christmas Eve such as watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate and all bundled up in cozy warm PJs. As the night approaches, you’re filled with excitement knowing Santa is making his way to your home on his sleigh with a huge sack filled with presents. You’re feeling so zealous to find out if Santa will eat the cookies you’ve left for him.  Without knowing, you’ve fallen asleep and soon wake up to see what presents Santa has left for you.


At age nine, I realized Santa wasn’t real. A few days before that Christmas, my parents weren’t on good terms. I remember crying to my dad and asking “Where’s Mom?” I also remember me trying to help my dad feel better.

 Late that night my dad saw how dreadful my sister and I were feeling and decided to give us our presents. We walked to the trunk of the car and he handed us pillow pets, dolls, clothes, and shoes. He told us that Santa gave him the presents early since he saw how we were feeling.  But right away, my dad hinted that Santa wasn’t real. Everything added up, from the letters Santa “wrote” us every Christmas that exactly matched my father’s handwriting to the fact that every Christmas where we had fewer presents when there were fewer family members around. I also realized that my parents made up so many excuses about it. Right away I decided to ask my father, “Is Santa real”?

 My father looked at me concernedly and shook his head.  He also told me to not tell my sister about this. At that moment I felt as if my heart  had broken into billions of pieces and shattered on the floor. I wasn’t really sure why I felt so upset, but the beginning of my young mind started functioning  and I knew something was off. I just wasn’t ready to let go of what I was believing all my life. Christmas was gone.

 I started doubting everything by thinking to myself, “Is this even real?”. My little sister soon found out as the next Christmas came along. Despite the fact that I found out Santa wasn’t real at a young age, I never threw away my daily Christmas traditions.

Nelson Cummiskey: When I realized Santa wasn’t real, I was about ten or eleven. It was around Christmas time and I was thinking, “how does Santa go all the way around the world in one night?” I began to wonder if the world was really as big as I thought. So I Googled the question, “How big is Earth?” Google told me that Earth is 24,901 miles in circumference. I then proceeded to Google what circumference meant and after that I had my doubts. After that, I figured out that magic wasn’t even real because I watched a video on how to do a card trick. I was so caught up in whether or not Santa was real, I decided to take a trip over to Youtube. I watched a video that said why “Santa Isn’t Real.” After I watched that, I knew that Santa wasn’t real but I had to keep up the act because my sister, who was in high school  at the time, may not know. 






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