Album Review: Sabrina Claudio’s About Time


by Dream Nelson

About Time is the second of two albums released this year by Sabrina Claudio. Sabrina’s previous album, Confidently Lost, dropped earlier in March. Both albums are filled with soulful and sensual songs about finding yourself in and out of love. About Time starts off with an intro (instead of a song) in which Sabrina compares her struggles to the life of a rose. She gives the album a new form, a morose feeling before the music actually begins. The intro lets the listeners know what the album is going be about, as well as the artist’s inspiration for creating every song.

Songs like “Frozen,” “Everlasting Love,” “Stand Still,” and “Belong to You” present a tone of love and respect for a new relationship, juxtaposed against album cuts like “Used To,” “Unravel Me,” and “Wait.” The latter tunes present the theme of struggling of find and stay in love. Sabrina use elemental, ethereal words like “natural,” “sun,” “moon,” “air,” “earth,” and “blooming” frequently in these songs to convey the sense that whatever she’s feeling or conveying is completely natural

Sabrina collaborates with the artist 6LACK (pronounced “black”) in one of her songs, “Belong to You.” 6LACK is a new artist who became popular due to his songs “Ex Calling” and “PRBLMS.” These songs, which express his struggles with love and relationships through a completely different sound that Claudio; however, the collaboration blends the music and themes of both artists together perfectly.

     About Time shows extreme intimacy not only between its artist and songs but between the listeners and the music. Witness the sing “Stand Still,” which shows the deep complexity in Claudio’s words and the way she tries to connect to her listeners through her own experiences.

“Time is standing still and why are we still here?

I don’t wanna fight you/

I’m needing the same as you”.

Based on the music, themes, and quality of the two albums Sabrina has dropped this year, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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