Hanson Addresses Hate

The following message went out this afternoon to the North Springs Community concerning the incident that was addressed by Mr. Hanson to the school earlier in the day. The Oracle will bring you more updates as the story develops.

Good afternoon parents,

This is Scott Hanson, Principal of North Springs High School.  The administration was made aware of a group chat on Snapchat yesterday that used inflammatory racial language about students at North Springs. The administration has investigated the incident and is following discipline protocols as outlined in the Fulton County Schools Code of Student Conduct. 

I want to reiterate that this message does not represent our diverse student body, the faculty and staff at North Springs, or our community. Over the years, we have worked hard to strengthen our school culture to be inclusive and respectful of all students, and we will not stand for any behavior that is to the contrary.

This incident brings to the forefront the use of social media among our students, and the need to be ever vigilant to what our students post and communicate via social media.  Parents, we encourage you to monitor your children’s use of social media and provide guidance as to the appropriate way to engage in conversations over social media.

 Thank you and have a great evening.

11/3/17 Update: The school will hold a series of grade-level assemblies today to address the incident from yesterday and provide student discourse. More information as it comes.


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