Student Views On Homecoming’s “City of Stars”: Sorry or Starry?

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by Dream Nelson

Homecoming – a tradition in schools across the nation since the invention of football. Unlike many other schools, North Springs held its dance off campus, and this year’s location was better than ever: The Grand Loft at Southern Exchange. The Grand Loft is a two-room loft with a long staircase and a gorgeous chandelier (perfect for pictures) located on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta.

Every year the school elects a homecoming king and queen amidst candidates who campaign with posters, slogans, and treats. This year’s elected Queen and King were Kennedy Weston Shields and Tyon Carter.

During the week leading up to Homecoming, North Springs holds Spirit Week, when the students and faculty of dress up as a given theme each day of the week. This year’s official themes included Decades Day, Mathlete vs. Athlete Day, “You Are Who You Netflix” Character Day, “Galaxy Day” and “Spirit Wear Day;” however, some students came up with alternate themes of their own, including “Pajama Day” doubling on “Galaxy Day.”


“I was gonna dress up on some of the days, but not as an alien on Galaxy Day.”


While interviewing students about Homecoming before and after Spirit Week, The Oracle got a feel for how students truly felt about the festivities. First, there was the contentious issue of alternate theme days. In explaining the rationale for adopting alternate days, Eli Bickjerson said, “Some people switched because they thought the planned days were lame.”

Others said they dressed up differently because they didn’t have the costumes. “I was gonna dress up on some of the days,” said Levi Fineberg. “But not as an alien on Galaxy Day.”

Jaqueline Monasterio’s comments mirrored Fineburg’s. “I didn’t dress up for Galaxy Day or Character Day, but I replaced Mathlete vs. Athlete Day with Twin Day instead.”

Administrative Assistant Carrie Carrera offered her view of this Spirit Week student switcheroo: “It was cool to see a lot of the teacher get into Spirit Week. It was a little disheartening when some of the students didn’t like the days [that were chosen], so they wore conflicting outfits, like do-rags, which is against dress code. I’m glad some of the students were being passionate about it, but it was a little disappointing.”


“It was cool to see a lot of the teacher get into Spirit Week."


Some students were ambivalent about the Homecoming Dance itself. When asked if he was planning to bring a date to homecoming, Tre Tajano said, “No, I ain’t trynna ask no female.”

In fact, many of the students we talked to did not go. It seems that this year, students cared a lot less about who they were going with — if they were going at all.

Levi Feinberg echoed these sentiments. “Ehhh, why, though? No, I’m not bringing a date,” said Fineburg. “But then, I’m not going [at all].”

Many students also had mixed feelings about this year’s Homecoming theme, “City of Stars.” Upon being asked how he felt about the theme, Charlie Turner responded, “What even is it?” After telling him, Turner said, “No that’s lame; what does that even look like? Am I supposed to dress like I’m from there?”

Many of the students we asked about the theme responded with the question, “What is it?” not knowing the theme’s meaning. Others were indifferent but slightly more accepting. “I like the theme,” said Levi Fineburg. “But I’ll only see the decorations on social media.”

Of the dance itself, senior Maya Dun said, “Some parts were boring but overall, it was fun.”

Administrative Assistant Carrie Carreras, who helped to chaperone the event, reiterated this. “Nobody had a bad time,” Carreras. “Everybody was dancing and I didn’t get any complaints.”

Student Jaqueline Monasterio said heartfully, “It was so much fun. I danced a lot.”

Even with their ambivalence, many students found the value in the entire week’s proceedings. “The school doesn’t have any pride, so it’s nice to have some,” noted Charlie Turner.

Isha Perry added how the most important part of Homecoming was about bringing the school together: “Homecoming is time for all grades to get together and have a good time.”

HC1 (2)

“Homecoming is time for all grades to get together and have a good time.”


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