Spotlight: North Springs’ AV Club’s Rising Broadcast Stars


Mr. Bacallao’s AV Department  generates community interest through educational videos, news videos, and online connections.

By Dream Nelson

The North Springs AV Department, headed by Mr. Bacallao, made headlines recently when it was featured in print on a front page cover story of the Reporter Newspaper.   The article featured the North Springs tech lab and student broadcasters who create the bi-weekly news videos for the school, which can also be viewed by outsiders on Youtube.

The article featured interviews with freshman Hannah Quillen and Seniors Matan Berman, Paris Talbert, Arnardo Vargas. It spotlights their various video work (including the creation of videos, music, interviews, social media posts, and live streaming), the type of broadcast and film work they want to do, and the work and internships that the program has led them to, including local film work and internships.

The North Springs feature was part of a longer Reporter piece about local area school broadcast programs. Reporter Newspapers have distribution in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and other city areas. The North Springs program was highlighted along with the broadcast programs of Westminster and Holy Innocents. The article included a photo of Quillen in a North Springs hall, right outside of Oracle headquarters. A link to the article can be found here:

The North Springs Audio Visual Department also caught notice from local papers recently when it teamed up with the Sandy Springs Police Department to create a public service announcement video for its social media and website. The video concerns the issue of keeping your belongings protected against thieves. Sic ne its posting, the video has been viewed over 10,000 times.

Over the course of the past year, Atlanta and the metropolitan area has recently seen an increase in car break-ins – including multiple break-ins on the same vehicle on streets and at the mall. The video was created to teach not only teenagers but adults to lock their cars, especially when they contain valuables, and allowed North Springs students the opportunity to receive a first-hand view of a local high profile issue and how it is handled by the local police and community.

North Springs students acted and portrayed thieves stealing from unlocked cars in a mall parking lot. The video was created jointly by the North Springs students and San dy Springs police office staff and filmed in Dunwoody next to the Regal 10 Perimeter Point movie theater.

Mr. Bacallao said, “We want to show how easy it is for people to take advantage of trust. Remember thieves are smart; even if you hide your valuables, they are in the basic places they can find.”

Mr. Bacallao and students, including Logan Thompson, Anthony Smith, Devante George, Levi Rochester, and Justice Michael (music) worked with the local law enforcement team of Sandy Springs Police Captain Mike Lindstrom, Officer Cory Begeal and Sargent Sam Worsham to create the video.

Bacallao said that originally the AV team was going to partner with the Sandy Springs Police Department for a Christmas special, but when those plans fell through, both groups waited until the start of the school year, when the department tapped the AV Club to make a different kind of film. The video, which was initially shown in crime prevention presentations and on its own social media, can be seen here:

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