“The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” Enchants North Springs Sept. 14-15, Oct 11

North Springs’ Fall Theater production of “The Brothers Grimm” — performed as a “Spectaculathon,” a compressed “speed” version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales — debuted after Curriculum Night on September 13th. From Devilish deals to Gingerbread houses, nothing was sacred in this 60 minute review of the most famous (and infamous!) fairy tales, told in their original versions with a modern twist — and in ways that Disney would never allow! Below are photos with highlights from the first evening.

The “Brothers Grimm Spectacularthon,” written by Don Zoldis and directed by Jon Tyler Owens, runs September 14th and 15th with a repeat performance on October 11th. For more information and tickets, go to the North Springs Theater Department website:


Photos, clockwise from top:

  1. Main Image: The Ensemble.
  2. Snow White (Adriana Gilmore) dresses up Senam Quartey’s Dwarf #2.
  3. The Devils’s Grandmother (Kiera Smith) road tips with her grandson (William Gordon).
  4. Joshua Baker narrates his way through the story with the help of the Devil (Jordan Thompson, not pictured).
  5. Cinderalla (Ella Cyr) makes a deal with the Enchantress (Joshua Baker).
  6. Lindsey Mattei and Senam Quartey as a reduced septuplet of Dwarves.


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