Did I Just Hear New Dress Code Rules? Students Speak Up About Dressing Down


by Jessica Reyes


Many students have trouble looking for the perfect outfit in the morning. Some just grab anything and couldn’t care less about how they look. Having the best possible stylish-yet- comfortable outfit is crucial for many North Springs students. The dress code rules unveiled at an assembly held in the auditorium on August 14 left numerous students in complete disappointment. As the students heard the rules, they immediately decided if they were for or against the policies. Many yelled in disagreement or talked amongst themselves, leading to a loud auditorium filled with different perspectives. The administration attempted to explain the code so it could be heard and accepted, but many felt the rules didn’t fit the crime. The Oracle asked a variety of individuals at North Springs their opinions about the dress code enforcement and what it said about society as a whole.

 The Oracle: How does the school dress code make you feel?

“I believe the dress code is set for the rules and expectations for students here at North Springs. Many students come out wearing clothes that are inappropriate and raggedy. I do believe students have the right to wear whatever they’d like, but there’s a certain time and place for it.” – Lauren Sanders, 11th grade

 “The dress code rule here at North Springs doesn’t really affect me in any way, but I personally believe that everyone should be able to dress however they want. If you wear something you feel comfortable in and you believe you look good that’s just something that helps you get through the day. You think about what a horrible day you’ve had then sometimes seeing your outfit makes you feel a little bit better.  -Peter Martinez 12th grade

 “Why do we have to cover ourselves? Do we really distract boys? They’re making us seem like some type of sexual figure. The administration should be teaching the guys how to keep their hands to themselves. Our shoulders aren’t distracting, nor are our legs.” – Lesly Granados 11th grade

 I don’t understand why the administration targets girls so much, but they don’t target guys when they have saggy pants with their boxers showing, etc. Haven’t they thought about how guys could be distracting as well?” –Savannah Wilder 11th grade


                     Sandra Kwon believes that girls are targeted.

 “The Administration are sexist. Most of the school dress code rules are specifically targeting girls. Most girls feel very uncomfortable being targeted for wearing something that perhaps made their day. Girls have a huge passion for their clothing in which everyone’s style represents them in their own way” -Sandra Kwon 11th grade


                                Chad Becker just wants to wear his hat.

“I believe that the dress code doesn’t allow you to be yourself. You make your own decisions of what to wear here at school. I really like to wear hats at times but the school took that privilege away from us. I truly do think that you should wear whatever you’d like if you don’t go over the extreme” -Chad Becker 11th grade

 The Oracle: How do you think the dress code rules reflect our society?

“This dress code changes society by making it more rebellious and anarchist. Students will either stand up and argue or completely rebel and disregard the rule.” – Lauren Sanders, 11th grade

“This changes society by having students stating their opinions and standing up for everyone.” -Peter Martinez 12th grade

“The community should be glad we are embracing our body and feeling confident enough to walk around the school like that. I understand super short shorts and crop tops but, really shoulders? Girls should be able to wear whatever they want; we aren’t harming anyone.” -Lesly Granados 11th grade

 “It’s funny when it comes to college boys who magically aren’t distracted by our shoulders or legs.” –Savannah Wilder 11th grade

 “I think this changes society because most girls are open minded and would fight this over a feminism act. We should be able to teach boys how to be more mature and accept that us girls have a way to represent ourselves just like the guys do” -Sandra Kwon, 11th grade

“I think society here at school would be changed because the students are willingly to express how they feel. They want to be enough to wear what they like on the daily basis. They want to feel comfortable with themselves” -Chad Becker 11th grade

 The Oracle also asked members of the administration their thoughts on the dress code.


 The Oracle: As a male administrator do you ever have a problem or feel uncomfortable pointing out a woman’s dress code?

 Mr. Rogers: “I have no problem, I approach the girls very calm and appropriate. I have a daughter; I know how I would want my daughter to dress so I talk to them as if it were my daughter who broke dress code.”

The Oracle: Do you think the students feel that the dress code is too strict?

Mr. Rogers: “The dress code is put in place to keep a learning environment professional.”


The Oracle: Do you feel as a woman that the dress code is sexist and influences rape culture?

Mrs. Carreras: “The dress code has nothing to do with that. The dress code is to prepare you for when you are in the work force and will have a uniform. Whether you work at McDonald’s or anywhere else, you will have a dress code that you need to follow.”

The Oracle: Do you think students can be rude when dress code violations are pointed out to them?

Mrs. Carreras: “Yes they can, but I’m not trying to be mean or rude I just need them to follow the rules or get ISS.”

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