In Their Own Words: Meet the Staff of the 2017-2018 Oracle!


Oracle_Staff_JPEG(From L to R:)

Dream Nelson: “I’m a Sophomore and I love writing. My goal in working for the North Springs Oracle is to make the school a better and more comfortable place for the students here. My goal is to make sure the paper focuses on the things you truly care about. My main focus is Opinions — I care what you care about, want to write about what you care about, and make it known to the faculty what you care about. I want to make North Springs and the Oracle great!”

Makayla Scerbo: “I’m a Sophomore who has always loved writing and literature since I was a kid. I’m obsessed with the Power Rangers and The Dark Crystal movie. I love Humor articles, especially satire and comedy. I grew up reading Archie and watching comedy talk shows like Bill Maher and Saturday Night Live. I have strong opinions and will be sharing mine. I also love writing and reading poetry and books, especially The Alchemist, which is my favorite. Last but not least, I love my school!”

Nelson Cumminsky: “I’m a Sophomore who will be sharing Sports and Humor articles with you. I’m excited to inform the people at North Springs about all of the amazing athletics here and hopefully provide some comic relief to the everyday hustle and bustle. Don’t be afraid to write in and voice your opinion because our voice is your voice, and we are the voice of North Springs.”

Jessie Reyes: “I’m a Junior who will cover News, Entertainment, and Opinions. I have great passion for writing and I cannot wait to develop many skills that will be useful for my future. My hobbies include listening to music, photography, and the everyday things a teenager my age does. I’m excited to see what amazing things The Oracle will create for you, our readers, this year.”

North Springs Turtle: “No comment.”

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