Taly’s Tips to Take a W on Finals Week

As every week passes by, it becomes harder and harder to ignore the elephant in the room: the beast that is your final, the test that can either make you or break you. As much as students dislike studying for finals, it’s a responsibility we must all face. With the weight they carry, finals should be a matter to take very seriously. In other words, finals are not something you want to leave for the night before. This guide will help you survive the testing slaughterhouse with these top five study habits! *Note: This will not guarantee getting a perfect score on the test(s), nor can it guarantee passing, but following these tips might set you up for the success you desire.


  1. START STUDYING EARLY: First ask yourself; is cramming all the information you need for a test the day before truly efficient? While some classes give weeks of preparation for their final, some do not. It’s time to stop relying on your teacher so much and start taking initiative! “I’m not a great test taker,” says sophomore Kobi Wright. “So starting early at least helps me know I’ll pass the test.” Dedicating ten minutes everyday to reviewing your class notes or a textbook from a subject can go a long way.


  1. ATTEND TUTORING: Tutoring is one of the best ways to answer any lingering questions or concerns you may have about a subject. Whether individual or group- wise, tutoring is a good way to focus on the topic of choice and review it. That’s also why it’s a good idea to try and attend as many tutoring sessions as possible. “Having someone there to practice with you takes more weight off,” says senior Jade Satchell. “[It helps] to get a better perspective on what you were struggling with.”


  1. ASK QUESTIONS: Probably the most obvious and easiest method of them all. Asking not only helps you further your understanding, but it also helps avoid those I-don’t-know-what-to-do talks with your peers the day before the test. “Yes,” said Mrs. Williams, 10th grade literature honors teacher. “Especially follow-up questions and tips on how to go about the test.” In other words, ask until your mind is content!


  1. CREATE A STUDY SCHEDULE: To avoid procrastination and to have a time set for reviewing finals, it’s important to organize your study time. Your study schedule will fit within your own standards and availability. While it may seem that there’s too much to do, your schedule will also help you in your academics besides finals. You’ll be able to remember easily what you have to do and when. Having a strategy can really help lower your stress. “It helps me from procrastinating and helps me set my priorities.” said sophomore Sandra Kwan. You are your own boss!


  1. SHAKE THINGS UP: If staring at your notes and skimming through the words on your textbook doesn’t work for you, then maybe it’s time to approach new learning methods. For example, some students find it easier to review a powerpoint on their own than taking notes. Others make flashcards on Quizlet or find websites about the topic. Some students have found it useful to make a song or having friends quiz them. “Things like having a friend quiz you, flashcards, and online resources are really useful,” said Mr. Tyree, French teacher. “They can even be better than reviewing your notes We all have different learning styles thus there is never an ‘incorrect way’ to study.

The Oracle knows that finals week — and even the thought of finals — can be a stressful endeavor. This is why we provide you with the best tips for the best grades.

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