APRIL FOOLS! Prom Relocated: Operation Cafeteria

North Springs wants prom, with all of its hype, to be every student’s best high school moment. That’s why the prom’s original location, the mundane foundry at Puritan Mill, has changed to the top-notch North Springs cafeteria.

Principal Scott Hanson decided, with the support of other administrators, that a North Springs prom is better suited to North Springs. “We try and show Spartan pride in whatever we do,” states Principal Hanson. “So why not throw the most awaited event of the school in our own hallowed halls?”

Mrs. Kristie Zachry, the prom sponsor, tells the Oracle that this generation of juniors and seniors just aren’t interested in elegant proms anymore. “We made a survey and found out many students want a more fun atmosphere,” said Mrs. Zachry. “What can be more fun than holding a prom in a 50 year old school building?”

One benefit this change of venue provides is a change in menu. Usually, prom food is catered, but since prom is moving to the cafeteria, Spartans will be dining on the nostalgic daily lunch menu. From cheesy nachos to the infamous mystery burritos, the administration believes that this is the best choice to take prom to the next level. “I really like the idea of the school catering its students,” says Communication Liaison Carol Ciepluch. “They’ll be serving even more delicious pizza packs than usual–and it’s nutritious!”

Some students also feel more comfortable going to prom with these recent changes. “Since it’s being held on school grounds, I’m more into going now,” says Junior Cyrus Johan. “I know exactly where to go in the F Hall if I want to escape from the crowd and what vending machines I can hide behind from the hall monitors. It’s a good location, because it’s so close to home, so I can almost guarantee that my mom will offer to chaperone, which is exactly what every student wants for their prom.

Senior Fulton Dakalb says, “I think it’s a good investment of $100 to go into our cafeteria, crowded with a bunch of dancing people pushing each other, rather than an open dance floor at an elegant hotel.”

While a few students may grumble about the change of location, many remain optimistic and show signs of approval and hope that the sudden relocation may actually be beneficial.

“If we have prom here, the school can use the money from the other location to get better music and decorations, like paper snowflakes left over from the holiday event,” says senior Tina Deming. “If worse comes to worse, we can line the walls with student tri-fold projects and inspirational posters taken from teacher’s doors and walls. I think what matters is what happens and what we do during [the] prom, not where we’re at.”

True to Deming’s wish, prom will be getting upgraded decorations and music. The prom committee is sending back all the light-up balloons and bright streamers that were based on the prom’s “Light Up the Night” theme, and replacing them with restroom-issue paper towels emblazoned with the classic firefly cartoon as their symbol of light. The music will also be upgraded from songs like Stay High from Tove Lo and Cheap Thrills from Sia to fourth generation MP3s of Justin Beiber music.

With so many changes happening to prom, many students are getting more and more excited about the event; in fact, Spartan spirit has never shone more brightly. With all of the excitement, there’s even a rumor that prom may move from April 21st to the 1st of April.

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