APRIL FOOLS! North Springs Oracle To Become Twitter-Based

The Oracle has always been at the forefront of innovation at North Springs.  We have pioneered the spread of information around our campus for over 50 years, and are always excited to take on new challenges.  In 2014, we made a substantial change to our organization, abandoning the paper version of the news and moving to the World Wide Web.  From here, we have found major popularity using technology to further the Oracle, but today, we take a leap unlike any other in our history. The North Springs Oracle is excited to announce the movement of our publication from nsoracle.com to a Twitter page!

At Oracle, we understand what it means to be successful.  Journalism is defined by getting information to the reader in the quickest, most efficient, manner.  With this in mind, our articles, which used to vary in length from between 300-1000 words, will now be restricted to solely 140 characters!  We know that this will make the school news more quickly accessible throughout the day.  

Our Editor-in-Chief, Zephyr Strosnider, made a statement regarding this change.  “While it might seem unconventional, it is undoubtedly the future of journalism and newspaper publications.  We are taking a big step in making school news more accessible to students in just a fraction of the time. As Shakespeare said, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit. We have soul and our readers wan wit. We at Oracle will take this to heart as we continue on this amazing journey through technology and journalism.”

In essence, interviews, opinion editorials, and the entire journalistic process would be given up for our readers’ pleasure.  Despite this, it is always the reader that comes first, and we are ecstatic to recreate the news for them on Twitter!  Take a look below at some of our recently drafted Tweet articles, or “Twarticles,” queued up for our next release!

-Go See Sister Act! #playme

-tRD system #lame, must B chngd!

-take r Surv: which teachR R U?

-birds blo superBowl #jhopnotjhap

-it’s 3:30 #freedom


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