Theater To Tackle Sister Act

Earlier in the year, the North Springs theater announced its much-anticipated spring musical would be Sister Act. The musical version of this play is based on the 1992 film of the same name, which stars Whoopi Goldberg.

Sister Act is famous on Broadway for its sassy dialogue, superior lyrics, and diverse musical numbers. With North Springs being a school brimming with vocal talent, the play is a perfect fit. “I am really excited to have a part in Sister Act,” says Senior Jonathan Bynoe. “It is an awesome opportunity for seniors to showcase everything we have learned in our four years at North Springs.”

The play focuses on Deloris, played by Miko Harper, who is an up-and-coming singer on the streets of Philadelphia. After witnessing a brutal crime, the police decide Deloris should be placed in the Witness Protection Program. It is then that Deloris finds herself in the convent called The Holy Order of the Little Sisters of Our Mother of Perpetual Faith. Deloris’s wild behavior gets her started on a bad foot with the nuns, but when she teaches them how to sing on-key, everything begins to look up. The rest of the play follows Deloris’s struggle between fleeing the convent to live the life she truly wants and her regrets over leaving her friends when they needed her most.

Sister Act is a continuation of the North Springs tradition of choosing plays that best represent the thoughts and feelings of the a student body. “I’m so glad we go to a school that allows us to do plays such as The Wiz and Sister Act,” says Senior theater student Emily Brothman. “These plays are a really great representation of our student body and who we are as people, and i feel like a lot of other schools would not allow students to do these less-traditional musicals.”

As with all other North Springs theater productions, the play is run completely by students. North Springs theater tech students are in charge of all lighting and visual effects, as well as creating the scenery for the play.

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