Opposing Views: Should We Get the 6th Off?

Pro Side: Natalia

It’s been nineteen years since the Falcons last played in the Super Bowl and now Atlanta is back on its feet to see the Falcons and Patriots face off. I believe that having Monday off is a great and appropriate use for this special occasion, considering that the Falcons are playing for the first time since most of North Springs students were born. Because the Super Bowl is an event celebrated by the almost the entire United States population, the majority of students will be watching the game, regardless whether they’re a Falcons or Patriots fan. It’s a matter of having national spirit.

Many people treat the Super Bowl as if it were a holiday. They free their plans, gather their friends and family, and watch the Super Bowl while hosting often fun, but overly exhausting parties. Closing school on Monday definitely would not be a waste of a day off. Even Patriot fans will be celebrating and supporting their team during Super Bowl night, so it’s not just the Falcon fans who will benefit from a day off.

Also, some of the students in Fulton County are going to be at Houston watching the Super Bowl. This means that there will be a percentage of students who will not be able to attend school. It’s not fair for those students who attended the Super Bowl to miss out on school because of factors they can’t control. Since when did schools start valuing lessons over its students?

The aftermath of the Super Bowl will also affect the student’s ability to concentrate. Everybody would also be talking about which team won the Super Bowl. Some will feel depressed, wanting to stay in and sulk, while others will want to recover from the hype and exhaustion only the Super Bowl can supply. With so much attention conveying around the Falcons and the overall result of the Super Bowl, students will find it difficult to pay their attention in learning and lectures.


Con Side: Zephyr

Last year, 111.9 million Americans tuned in to watch Super Bowl L. That leaves 217 million people in our country who did not spend their Sunday night watching a bunch of men in tights run around chasing a ball. Statistically, it is more likely that students lobbying to have Monday off are just hoping for another day to miss school, instead of a day to recover from the previous night’s festivities. Additionally, not all of the students in Fulton County are fans of either the Patriots or the Falcons nor football. These students are even less likely to tune in to the Super Bowl, making the majority of students just have a day to relax instead of recuperate.

Second, since when was it acceptable for a sport to interfere with a student’s education? Students already have to get forms signed verifying their success in every class before they are even allowed to miss one class for a sports event they are participating in. Last time I checked, no Fulton County students were participating in the actual Super Bowl. Simply watching a sporting event, no matter what team is in it, is not an excuse for an entire county to cancel all school functions.

I understand that many fans of both the Falcons and the Patriots, as well as fans of football as well, would appreciate the day after the Super Bowl as a day to recover from the hype. However, would these fans be so supportive of a cancelled day if that day was taken from another break? Fulton County only allows a few days off every year, usually designated for weather emergencies such as icy roads or flooding. This means that taking a day off after the Super Bowl could consequently mean a day off from Summer break, meaning school would end at a later time.

A POST-SUPER BOWL REVISION: After seeing the devastated faces of many of my peers today, I have decided the amount of emotional ups-and-downs they have experienced makes them deserving of a day off. I take back everything I said.

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