Senior Nzinga Braswell’s documentary reaches fame!

On December 9th,  North Springs Senior Nzinga Braswell’s A Queen’s Discovery: A Young Girl’s African Journey To Find Her Greatness Within documentary was aired on PBS. It won an award called To The Contrary: All About Women – International Category, which led to its recognition.

Braswell’s documentary and foundation were inspired by her nine day visit to Ghana with her father while they were participating in an annual LEAP mission. L.E.A.P For Ghana (Literacy Empowerment Action Project) is a school improvement and youth development effort that takes place in the village of Konko in Ghana, Africa for the students of Timber Nkwanta SDA School.

“The biggest thing I learned in Africa is you can’t take everything for granted,” says Braswell in a promotion for her campaign. “Because some people don’t have as much as I have.”

A Queen’s Discovery is told from Braswell’s perspective as she compares her black American teen experience with the youth of Africa. Braswell has committed herself in raising funds for the Nikki Giovanni Scholarship Fund. The scholarship provides financial help and mentorship to help encourage students in the classroom reach their full potential. The funds will also be used to plan future missions to Africa to help the cause.

“Education is important because you really can’t do anything without one,” Braswell states. “My education is just handed to me while they have to work for their education.”

Braswell’s A Queen’s Discovery also won Best Film in the Delta Sigma Theta International Film in Atlanta and was showcased at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival. The film’s success earned so much fame, that Braswell and her dad were interviewed The Tavis Smiley Show.

“I’m doing this because I can and I know it’s the right thing to do,” Braswell said. “But if I’m given the opportunity to help, then why not take it?”

Interested in helping out the cause? Visit:

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