Tartuffe charms North Springs audience

Tartuffe, the 17th century French comedy classic by Moliere, has been brought to life by the North Springs Theater Department. It was directed by North Springs Technical Theater teacher Joel King and featured a students-only cast. Tartuffe is the first production of the school year.

Tartuffe’s plot concerns a sneaky con man pretending to be a poor saint in order to charm Orgon, a clueless father, into taking care of him. Despite his family’s warnings, Orgon allows Tartuffe to stay with them, causing all types of turmoil within the household.

I chose Tartuffe because I wanted to do a comedy and I love this play,” said King. “We haven’t done a true comedy (non-musical) in a couple of years.  This play is a classic and is a staple in the theatre world, so I thought it would be good for our students to get a chance to put a fresh spin on a well-known play.”

Many of the participants seem to agree with Mr. King. Tartuffe was such a fun show to be a part of,” said Carolyn Friedman, who played the role of Mariane. “The entire time the whole cast had to be at this insane level of energy! It was exhausting, but hilarious.”

Many viewers also found the play as a humorous success. “Tartuffe was a spectacular show,” says Freshman Elaine Berger. “The actors fit their roles perfectly, including the understudies. The show was very entertaining and upbeat. I would definitely see it again if given the chance.”

The actors did a brilliant job of capturing their lines in a very humorous and exaggerated manner, which brought liveliness to an already amusing show. Particularly outstanding were Jared Solovei as Cleante, Myron Parker as Tartuffe, and Giani Gates as Dorine. What made them excellent was how exaggeratedly they were bringing the characters to life. Every time these three were on stage, the crowd roared with laughter.

The set was decorated with vintage furniture and props that looked from the early 90’s such as the wooden cane held by Madame Pernelle. The play was staged and acted in a way one would expect a professional production’s to be; large props were moved smoothly and scenes flowed from one to the next. For instance, in the opening scene, set designers started setting and adjusting large props with surprising efficiency. It created an upbeat and Victorian atmosphere, leaving the audience guessing what would happen next.

The music orchestrated by the band helped set the mood for the audience and actors for a better experience. The music, which can best be described as a melodious tune, fit the play perfectly. There was a new tune each climactic moment such as in the chase scene after Tartuffe near the end.

With its strong acting, smooth set-up, and fantastic music, Tartuffe was tailored to its finest extent by the North Springs High School Theater Department.

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