Introducing the Freshman Class Council of 2016

While Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Spartans have returned for another year of classes, tests, and quizzes, a select group of Freshmen have taken on the challenge of Student Government Elections.  Being a past electee myself as Freshman President of the class of 2014, I know of the rigorous process that is Freshman Elections.  It requires responsibilities, ideas, and a knack for creativity — as well as creating posters.  The competition is tough, the wall space is scarce, and the voting process can turn even the strongest candidate into a nervous wreck.  Take a look below to get a recap of the Class of 2020’s Election and even hear from the newly elected Freshman Senate!

This year’s process began with a meeting late September. Jake Rubin, Sophomore Class President and Freshman Election Coordinator, walked a group of interested freshmen through the roles and responsibilities of a “Class Council.”  Rubin stated, “Running the elections was a time consuming task but it all worked out in the end. I hope that the freshmen, win or lose, will continue to be active in student government.” Students who remained intrigued and wished to caucus for a position (declare candidacy) had to fill out a form and receive their parents’ permission.  After that, the race was on.

Probably the most exciting part of Freshman Elections was the campaign (My favorite part img_5932of my own election was putting posters up all over the school for every student to see). This year, especially, the candidates went all out with posters, goodies, and flyers.  From the “Free Drinks on Me” sign beside the water fountain to the “Vote for Me! I Rock” poster featuring a rock taped to the wall, the puns were seemingly endless on the walls of North Springs.  These promotional tools grabbed the attention of every freshman student and encouraged them to vote in the subsequent weeks. After the initial interest and weeks of campaigning, the entire process culminated at a single point: Voting Day. On Friday, October 21, freshmen took part in an online voting system through Edmodo to elect their future Class Council.  Votes were then tallied and announced the following Monday, October 24.    

That morning, many North Springs freshmen fidgeted nervously in their seats during first period.  As the morning announcements drew to a close, the results for Freshmen Elections were announced to the entire school.  While some students were content with their position and others were disappointed, the winners know that they must dutifully serve as their class’ student body representatives. These freshmen are excited to get started on Student Government business.  After a rigorous selection process, all five students are prepared for what the year has in store.  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish, Class of 2020 Class Council! Here’s what each electee has to say about the upcoming year!

Gabi Lewis- President:

I am so excited for this year in SGA! I can’t wait to work with my peers to make this an amazing year for everyone. Freshmen SGA will do great things for North Springs. Go Spartans!

Sarah Szabo- Vice President:

I am looking forward to representing the 9th grade class and hosting cool SGA fundraisers. Go Spartans!!

Lauren Cohen-Secretary:

I’m excited to work with everyone and make this a fun and memorable year! I’m looking forward to representing the ninth grade and preparing awesome fundraisers!

Max Ripans- Treasurer:

I’m very excited to be class treasurer.  I look forward to planning many different fundraisers, and raising more than enough money for all of our future needs.  Also, I hope to have many fundraisers that don’t only help the ninth grade class, but charities around Atlanta.

Elaine Berger-Historian:

I’m looking forward to working with my fellow SGA members to make North Springs a better place.

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