Club spotlight: Blended

There are many clubs at North Springs that try to make a difference in the community and at North Springs. One stands apart by trying to help out by bringing together all North Springs communities. This club is called Blended.

Blended is a club centered around breaking down social barriers and encouraging unity amongst the student body. “We are trying to create an environment in which students from different races are comfortable talking to one another about social issues that are present in today’s society,” says Alana Wright-Howard, co-president of the Blended club. Wright-Howard and co-president, Andries Payne, created Blended after noticing a racial divide in who hangs out with who at North Springs. “In this multicultural school, you don’t usually see a mix of races and cultures hanging in one group. We usually see the white with the whites, blacks with the blacks, hispanics with hispanics, etc. We are trying to eliminate the racial division,” says Wright-Howard. This club will not only try to break up racial barriers in the social life at North Springs, but it is also a great place to make new friends.

Wright-Howard and Payne were urged to create the club by Work-Based Learning teacher, Mr. Patterson. “It’s weird for a school that’s this diverse to have so much racial tension; to be so segregated,” stated Patterson. Patterson also mentioned that how a couple of years ago, this problem did not exist as much. Interestingly, he also mentioned the loss of the international flags that were in the front of the building before the new entrance was built in 2014, which showed how our school represented everyone and that all flags were together.

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