Spartans get a High 5 from Fox 5

The Spartans football team has not received a trophy in a long time. About 35 years to be exact. On Thursday, October 6, the Spartans were honored as Fox 5’s High 5 Sports Team of the Week. The team received the actual trophy during a pep rally hosted by Fox 5 News, thanks to a lot of votes from students, teachers, parents, and many others from the Fulton County community.

On Friday, September 30, the Spartans defeated Maynard Jackson in a 35-34 nail bitter. Thanks to that win they improved to a 3-2 record, which got Fox 5 to notice that the Spartans are back as a winning team. Going into the final 12 hours the Spartans had a comfortable lead with 56% of the vote, with the Alexander Cougars in 2nd place having about 41% of the vote, and the Mountain View Bears in 3rd with the rest. Alexander started to catch up when a mass email was sent to the whole county. With two hours left of voting, Alexander had a 3% lead which made the North Springs students and faculty panic.

The competitive spirit kicked in during 3rd period when Mr. Hanson came onto the announcements and told all the students to vote. That pushed more students to vote. Voting ended with the Spartans having a 1% lead. “I had 6 voting tabs open at all times on my Surface, as well as one on my phone. I did not pay attention at all during the first four periods of the day because I was voting so much,” says Junior Evan Murphy. Many said that this was the most use that their tablet has gotten since it was issued.

Because North Springs won the poll, Fox 5 held a pep rally on Thursday morning at Thermopylae Stadium to honor the Spartans and give them the trophy. Paul Miliken and other members from the Fox 5 News Team came to the school to host the pep rally. They started the pep rally off hyping up the students and giving out giveaways such as t-shirts, foam hands, thundersticks, footballs, and headphones.


The pep rally was led by Paul Miliken

The pep rally included interviews with the 2x State Champion Girls Track Team and the State Playoff bound Girls Softball Team, followed by the some music and dancing from the marching band and the Spartan Divas. The Spartan football team even showed up in brand new blue Under Armour jerseys. Once the crowd was extremely hyped up by the music, dancing, cheering, cameras, and a chant led by senior wide receiver Josh Vinson, it was finally time to hand off the beautiful trophy. Mr. Hanson handed it off to seniors Rees Viersen, Josh Vinson, and Ravion “Vegas” Hayden, who held it up with pride and joy.

Miliken kept repeating on the broadcast that North Springs deserved this win after coming back from their, what became usual, losing self. Throughout the day, the football players stayed close to the trophy. Vinson even proceeded to take a nap with the trophy in his arms, as if it were a baby.

The Spartans are currently 4-2 going into a game against the region’s top team, Grady High School. Grady is led by quarterback Caylin Newton, who is the younger brother of 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton. The Spartan have a big challenge ahead of them, but have the confidence and momentum to take on the challenge.

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