New teacher spotlight: Mr. Cantwell and Ms. Pritchett

Mr. Cantwell

Mr. Cantwell teaches both on-level biology and AP biology. After attending college with the intent of becoming a doctor, his father became ill, forcing him to go home and take care of his father. He attended Plattsburgh State to get his degree in teaching. Looking back on it, I could never see myself as a doctor,” said Cantwell. “I see myself as a teacher.”An alumniimg_3769 of West Virginia, Plattsburgh State, and Stanford University, he has no shortage of knowledge to bring to North Springs. His previous teaching experience includes thirteen years of teaching at St. Pius X Catholic High School,teaching at Gordon Central for one year, and taught for a year and a half just outside of Orlando, Florida. All this experience in the teaching world has made Cantwell a great source for advice for new teachers. “Always be prepared,” says Cantwell. “You just don’t know what you’re gonna get.” Cantwell will also be the head coach of the North Springs Varsity Lacrosse team. His prior experience both playing the sport in high school and coaching the St. Pius team will allow him to do the best job possible. However, lacrosse was not his major reason to join the North Springs staff. “I wanted to make sure I got hired as a teacher first, not a coach,” Cantwell stated. When asked about his goals for this school year, Cantwell was hopeful without being unreasonable. “[I hope to] be the best teacher i can be,” Cantwell ended with. “It’s my first year teaching AP biology, so I’m learning. It’s great because I get to dig a lot deeper into things I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into.

Ms. Pritchett
Ms. Pritchett teaches 9th grade literature, 10th grade literature, and multicultural literature. A graduate of Fareham College, Jacksonville State, and Lincoln University, she has no shortage of knowledge to share with her students. Originally, Pritchett was a business major. After a long and hilarious experience, Pritchett eventually ended up with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. “I had my first class at eight in the morning with Dr. Tanakas, who had a very thick accent. I could not understand anything he was saying. I would go to sleep and he gave me a “C” in that class so I said okay, business is not the major for me. Next was psychology, but after I realized how many m


Pritchett’s love of North Springs has only increased since the year began

ore years of school I would need for that, I said no, I’m not gonna do that either. So I looked at my transcript and said to myself wow, I do really well in English, I think I’ll major in English,” said Pritchett. Additionally, she has no shortage of experience to share with her students. “I have been in education for twenty years,” says Pritchett. “I’ve been a high school teacher, I’ve been a middle school teacher, I’ve been a vice principal, and I’ve worked in an alternative school. I guess you could say I’ve done it all.” However, after working all of these jobs, she decided that teaching high schoolers worked best for her. Her wish to teach high-schoolers is what brought her from Cobb County to North Springs. “When I came here for an interview with Ms. Williams and Ms. Willis, I walked in the building and knew I liked the vibe of this school,” says Prichett. When asked her best advice for new teachers, Pritchett focused more on personal relationships with students than actual education tips. “Make a relationship with your students,” says Pritchett. “You’re not going to be able to teach them anything until they know that you are there to support them.”

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