Making memories at Music Midtown 2016

On September 17th and 18th, over one hundred thousand people gathered at Piedmont park to listen to nearly 40 performers on four stages.

Many North Springs students had been looking forward to the festival for weeks, planning transportation, outfits, and schedules.

At first, it looked like there was going to be a significant amount of precipitation during the weekend, but the forecast at the end of the week was beginning to look up, so students were relieved.

On Saturday, people from all over the Atlanta area, and even from surrounding states, hopped on Marta to ride downtown.

With a variety of genres of music, food options, and people, there was something for everyone at Music Midtown. While some walked around with their friends during shows, a select few of dedicated fans stayed at one stage for an entire in anticipation of a particular show, Twenty One Pilots in particular.

The day was humid and sweaty, but fans were ecstatic to get to see several of their favorite performers in one location on one weekend. North Springs Junior Jared Hopkins said he was looking forward to “that stretch at the Honda [stage] of Logic, Big Boi, and then Collegrove, but Collegrove most of all.”

By the time the last acts on Saturday night ended, Piedmont park was littered with trash – mostly water bottles and beer cans, but by Sunday morning, the park was spotless and ready for a new day of music and festivities.


Juniors Stephanie Baker and Avry Scoggins are already looking forward to Music Midtown 2017

Sunday’s lineup included a few favorite alternative artists that many North Springs students were looking forward to seeing, but mother nature had other plans. A severe weather warning brought Music Midtown to a screeching halt. Student Stephanie Baker said the rain delay “made [her] upset since [she] waited an hour and a half to be in the front for James Bay.”

After Melanie Martinez’s performance, festival coordinators asked all attendees to evacuate the park. Tens of thousands of people poured into the streets of Atlanta, while others stood at the stage shouting angrily at the people in charge of the festival.

The gates reopened at 6pm, and Grouplove and James Bay began performing, pushing all the followings acts back just one hour. Baker said that James Bay was “awesome because it was raining while he was playing.”

Despite the rain delay, Music Midtown was a hit, and we look forward to Atlanta’s favorite music festival to come back next year.

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