POLL: Should North Springs Host AP Tests Next Year?

Over the past two weeks, and unlike last year, North Springs students have taken their Advanced Placement tests inside the school building. In the past, including last year, students completed testing at various offsite locations around the community, including a nearby synagogue and Roswell High School. Last year, testing was held nearby at Temple Or Hadash. North Springs should continue allowing students to take their AP tests at remote locations because it will eliminate the problems of transportation, bell sounds, and loud students.

One of the biggest problems with taking AP tests at North Springs concerns transportation. Students who do not already have a parking space cannot park at the school. This can cause a problem for magnet students and others who need to ride buses to get home. These students will likely be required to stay at school for the whole day, instead of being allowed to leave early or go in late as AP tests exclude students from other classes.

Taking AP tests at North Springs also creates transportation issues for students who drive to school. After taking AP tests, students are tired and, quite frankly, kind of brain dead. The last thing these students want to do is wait in the long carpool line that forms when school is over. In addition, parking was difficult for many to find.However, if students are allowed to take their tests at other locations, they will have the ability to swiftly escape the parking lot and get home, and parking spaces would not pose as much of a problem..

North Springs has another major problem that interferes with testers: bells. Any type of noise can be extremely distracting, and the bells that signal class changes are not excluded from this. Every time the bells go off, students lose focus and valuable testing time trying to figure out where the sound is coming from and if it means something for them.

The bells are not the only type of noise pollution that make up the distractions of North Springs’ testing facilities. While administrators and staff do their best to quiet students down, and some efforts have been made to block the halls, they cannot stop all of the students from loitering in the hallways. These students walk right by the doors of testing, creating a huge distraction in the form of loud conversations. This problem did not exist last year when the tests were located off site.

There are some benefits to having AP tests at North Springs. For one, the students know the location, so it is harder for them to get lost. Additionally, students who need to ride buses to and from school still have the opportunity to ride the bus to their testing site. However, GPS systems’ ability to give directions to off-site locations, as well as tests frequently taking longer than expected and therefore ending after the buses have left, negate these hypothetical benefits. Testing off-site will eliminate the problems of transportation, bell sounds, and loud student and is clearly more practical for students to complete their AP testing.

Vote below on if you prefer North Springs or remote testing locations!

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