The 2016 Junior/Senior Prom took place last Friday, May 6th at the Foundry at Puritan Mill. Over three-hundred students showed up for the masquerade event, which was planned by the Junior Class Council and sponsor Ms. Zachary. The dance was emceed by DJ Triple M; it started at 7pm and ended at 11pm.

Before the dance, many students took pictures at outdoor venues and went to dinner with their dates.

“Before prom, a bunch of my friends went to Morgan Falls Park to take pictures,” says Senior Amber Liu. “Then we went to dinner at New York Prime.”

Junior Darelle David also had plans before prom. “After we took pictures, my friends and our dates went to an Italian restaurant on Roswell Road, Double Zero Nepolitano,” remarks David. “The food was amazing, and then we all took a bus to the dance.”

After weeks of nominating and voting by the seniors, Shayna Fields and Lajuan Mosely won Prom Queen and Prom King respectively. The process began with seniors choosing prom court nominees from the entire senior class. Multiple rounds of voting took place as successive ballots narrowed down the nominees.

The dance itself was meticulously planned by the Junior Class Council, which was spearheaded by Junior Class President Rachael Stowell and Junior Class Sponsor Ms. Zachary.

“Our planning process began with deciding our theme…about three weeks into school,” explains Stowell. “I presented [the masquerade theme] to my council, and they loved it!”

Besides fundraising for the event, the Junior Class was also responsible for promoting ticket sales and creating decorations. This year, they hung up large promotional posters around the school, chose centerpieces for the tables, and created big masquerade-themed wall decorations.

“The theme drove all the decorations — the masks, the table cloths, and the center pieces,” says sponsor and faculty prom planner Kristie Zachary. “The Junior Class came up with the theme and then we–the council, myself and the caterer–all worked off each other’s ideas to make it all come together! I was very impressed to see students show up with their own masks to the dance!”

As a result of their hard work, the dance was an undeniable success, with hundreds of students joining the festivities. Both students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed their 2016 prom experiences.


Juniors Tamara Kaplin, Zephyr Strosnider, Rebecca Horn, and Izzy Perling pose with their boutineers.

“The dance was definitely my favorite part of the night, and one of my favorite North Springs experiences is general,” enthuses Senior and previous Junior Class President Rebecca Neish. “I loved dancing with my friends, and I think that Junior Class Council did a wonderful job putting everything together.”

“I believe prom was a huge success this year,” comments Zachary, who also chaperoned the dance. “Kids were still dancing when we turned on the lights, which is a success in my book. I have heard nothing but great things from the venue, teachers, and students, who have all said they had a lot of fun. I love seeing it all come together, setting up, and then watching you guys dress up and have a great time. I still remember my high school prom, and I am happy to help provide those memories to the students at North Springs.”

The current Junior Class President also agrees that prom was quite successful. “Now that it is all over, I think prom went pretty well. Even I, someone who can’t dance, enjoyed going,” comments Stowell.

“Overall, I think we, as a council, created something that the majority would enjoy,” Stowell adds. “And, in my mind, that’s a success.”

In regard to next year’s prom, Zachary already has some planning aspects figured out. The dance has been scheduled at the same venue, the Foundry, for Friday, April 21, 2017. 

“[The Foundry] is was so pretty and nice that it may just be ‘our’ venue!” Zachary says. “As soon as we get back to school in the fall, the new junior class will decide a theme and start fundraising for all the fun ‘extras’.”


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