SGA Overcomes Election Cheating, Elects 2016-2017 Officers

On Friday, April 1st, 2016 student government elections finally came to an end as the winners of the 2016-2017 school year positions were announced. Overall elections were quite successful, with 33 students running for various student government positions. Voting occurred throughout the last weeks of March. Although the elections were ultimately successful this year, there were several mishaps that occurred during the process.

This year’s election process was led by current Student Body President Seth Hochman. Hochman reported that although the positions were eventually filled, there were issues of corruption and cheating along the way.

“The first round of [electronic] voting on March 25th was tainted with individuals who attempted to get around the one vote limit enacted by the [web]site,” Hochman explained. “A few students managed to vote multiple times despite the website’s blocker, so we figured it would be best to do a re-vote.”

Due to the electronic discrepancies, Hochman and the rest of the election team decided to hold re-votes on paper and to count the votes manually. “We figured that paper ballots during lunch would be the best solution, and it worked out well,” remarked Hochman.

The official re-vote took place on Wednesday, March 28th and was followed by run-off elections the next day. Election results were announced at the Spring Pep Rally that Friday. “Overall, this year’s elections were outstanding,” insisted Hochman. “We had a record number of candidates, and only a minor flaw with the voting procedures.”

All student body candidates ran unopposed for their respective positions this year. Rising senior Max Winter will succeed current Student Body President Seth Hochman. Rising senior Nathan Buffington will succeed current senior Dionna Green for the position of Student Body Vice President. Rising seniors Jessica Blakely, Justice Michaels, and Ariel Hughes will take on the Student Body positions of secretary, treasurer, and historian respectively.

“I ran because I wanted a say in what goes on in the school,” says newly elected Student Body President Max Winter. “Running for president gives me an opportunity to interact with many different people in all aspects of the school.”

Next year’s Senior Class Council will be led by Senior Class President Sammie Hardy, who ran against three other opponents. Hardy will be working alongside Senior Class Vice President Josh Patton, Senior Class Secretary Tema Mahsam, Senior Class Treasurer Ashlee Tousana, and Senior Class Historian Nicole Register. The Senior Class Council is responsible for planning graduation, the baccalaureate ceremony, senior breakfasts, senior spirit week, and, most infamously, senior pranks.

Current Sophomore Class President Jacob Lewis ran unopposed for the position of Junior Class President for the upcoming school year. Lewis will be leading the junior class with Vice President Haley Joffre, Secretary Gidon Kowalsky, Treasurer Sofi Taher, and Historian Zacari Tatum. The Junior Class Council is responsible for planning and fundraising for prom.

The elections for Sophomore Class Council were also quite competitive this year. Rising sophomore Jake Rubin won the position of Sophomore Class President, while Justin Flesher won the position of Vice President. Maddie Berns will be the Sophomore Class Secretary next year, working with Ben Finkelstein, Sophomore Class Treasurer, and Josh Edelman, Sophomore Class Historian. The Sophomore Class Council is responsible for planning the Senior Olympics event and fundraising for their junior year prom.

After the hiccup with the electronic voting prior to Spring Break, SGA elections finally drew to a close with twenty highly-qualified students ready to take on the 2016 – 2017 school year. It has not yet been determined whether electronic voting methods will be attempted again next year, but the decision will eventually be determined by the newly elected student government officers.

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