April Fools: The Wiz cancelled due to good weather

THIS JUST IN: The North Springs theater department announced on today, April 1st, that they have decided to cancel their spring production of The Wiz due to the weather being too good. “We just really want kids to go outside and enjoy the sunshine,” says theater department chair Jole Queen. “We always cancel school events for bad weather, so we thought, ‘Why not cancel The Wiz for good weather?’”

Atlanta is predicted to have one of the most pleasant springs in Georgia history. “We have predicted lows in the 70s, while the highs are consistently around 80,” says famous Sandy Springs weatherman Rain A. Lot. With the weather being this fantastic, it is completely understandable that the department would cancel the show.

“I actually think it’s a great idea,” says local mother Ruth B. “The fact that North Springs would decide to cancel the show just so my kids would spend more time outside really shows how invested the school is in the overall physical health of its students. I’m more than sure my children will spend their extra time in the spring watching Netflix, but it’s the thought that counts.”

The cancellation of the show has inspired a new law to be proposed to Georgia governor Nathan Deal. The law, formally known as Law 2016, states that “no indoor performance may be executed if the weather is declared ‘nice’ by a local professional.”

North Springs would like to encourage all of its students to enjoy the good weather. The “perfect not-storm,” as it has been dubbed by professional weather professionals, is predicted to begin on April 1st.

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