April Fools: Oracle Newspaper to be shut down

After months of low readership and poorly written articles, the administration has decided to cancel The North Springs Oracle.

“I think that the admin[istration] is making a huge mistake,” insists Oracle editor Seth Hochman. “I have been on The Oracle staff for the past four years, and I really think that having a school newspaper has helped inform students and teachers about what’s going on around our school.”

Oracle sponsor and teacher Adam Throne disagrees with Hochman’s assessment, “I think that The Oracle has had its day, and as Seth Hochman has moved up the ranks of editorial leadership, the quality has declined. Besides, with The Oracle cancelled, I might actually be able to leave school 45 minutes earlier than usual.”

Under Hochman's editorial leadership, The Oracle has gone to waste

“Under Hochman’s editorial leadership, The Oracle has gone to waste,” says Adam Throne, sponsor of Oracle

Administrator and leader of The Oracle takedown, Ms. Carrie Carreras remains unmoved on her position. “Honestly, The Oracle is a waste of time–both writing it and reading it. The articles are contrived and the viewership is disappointing. They had a word search in their so-called “zine” that was really lame. Frankly, it’s not worth the $8.25 a month to keep it online.” 

The ongoing battle between administration and The Oracle staff has created some serious animosity among the North Springs community. Teachers and students are generally split in their support of each side.

“I think that The Oracle should be shut down,” comments sophomore Sal Lami. “I honestly have never even read it before.”

Others support the continuation of The Oracle. “I think that The Oracle should just be left alone,” asserts senior Jim Nasium. “Like who cares if it’s online? It’s not hurting anyone.”

Language arts teacher Ms. Green also believes that The Oracle should remain. “It’s part of North Springs tradition,” contends the teacher. “I can’t imagine a North Springs without its Oracle.

Ultimately the decision is contingent on the administration’s verdict. Despite student threats of protest and petition, it is unlikely that the student body will be able to sway the final decision.

The final edition of the North Springs Oracle runs today, 4/1/16.

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