April Fools: North Springs to receive “Edu-Bands”

North Springs Charter High School will be receiving new Edu-Bands in the 2016-2017 school year.

Several business leaders of Silicon Valley who remain anonymous have granted a very generous gift to their alma mater, North Springs, for the 2016-2017 school year.

Edu-Bands are packed with technology to help keep North Springs more academically oriented. Students will be required to wear their bands at all times during the school day. Those caught without one will promptly be expelled.

Though they are mandatory to wear, these bands carry great benefits with them. Once they are implemented, behavioral problems will disappear. The Edu-Band is constantly tracking its wearer’s location, letting it know when students are late to their classes or skipping school.

Adding on to this, distracting phones will no longer be a problem. The Edu-Band connects to the wearer’s phone and parses any incoming notifications. Anything classified as distracting such as texts and snapchats from friends will be blocked until the student leaves the school property.

For students with a known behavioral history, the Edu-Band can be configured to constantly track the wearer’s actions, even when at home. This information can then be reviewed by a school committee later.

This grant was one of two offered to North Springs, the second being for a complete renovation of the entire school campus. Unfortunately, the two grants were exclusive from each other. After a few minutes of deliberation, the administration chose the implementation of Edu-Bands over the campus wide renovation.

Fulton County Board of Education Technology Expert, Chip McSocket, commented on the decision saying, “I think the people at North Springs made a wise decision. Sure having a new, clean school with new furniture and renovated sports fields sounds nice, but those bands will really help with school discipline. Plus they look pretty cool!”

The bands do look cool. Students will be able to pick their bands from an extensive selection of colors between dark gray and black. They will be available for pre-booking starting today, April 1.

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