Erin King, Carrie Carreras named Teacher of Year/Professional of Year

Each year, the North Springs administration chooses a Teacher of the Year and a Professional of the Year. This year’s Teacher of the Year is Literature teacher, Erin King. The Professional of the Year is administrative assistant Carrie Carreras.

Other nominees for Teacher of the Year included Tonya Davis, John Gresens, Sallie Holloway and George Smith. The nominees for Professional of the Year were Carman Anderson, Diane Burton-Moroney, Lory Cox, Jerry Harper, and Ruvae Roberts.

King teaches 10th grade honors literature as well as AP Literature. During her time at North Springs she has impacted hundreds of students positively by helping them nurture new reading comprehension and writing skills. When asked how she felt about being chosen as the Teacher of the Year King said, “I am overwhelmed with the idea that I was chosen. I was among a group of fantastic teachers. We all work so hard to be our best and provide wonderful opportunities for our students to learn.”

Carreras is an Administrative Assistant at North Springs. She has worked at the school for eight years, helping it run smoothly. When asked about being chosen Carreras said, “I feel very honored to be selected among the great people who work here.  The other finalists are essential to the success of all students at North Springs.”

The administration acknowledged the effort both King and Carreras put into bettering the school and created an event to fit the occasion, the TOTY/POTY Celebration. This year’s celebration, held in the auditorium, was Star Wars themed. The North Springs Chamber Orchestra performed the Star Wars musical theme as the event started and R2-D2 beeped the names of the nominees as they walked onto stage (Administrator Kira Willis translated for the diminutive droid). Eric Smith, last year’s Teacher of the Year, even knighted King on stage with a light saber as he passed along his title.

King really appreciated the event as it played on her love of Star Wars. She said, “We don’t always have a chance to get together as teachers and faculty for a little fun. It was needed!” Carreras also enjoyed the event, but was a little less surprised by how detailed it was. In fact, Carreras already knew a lot of what was going to happen as she was in charge of some of the planning! Even with her knowledge of the event, she was happily surprised when she was chosen and her family from Ohio made an unexpected visit.

Kira Willis acted as the main coordinator of this year’s celebration. She has been overseeing the TOTY/POTY event since 2012, when the Teacher of the Year was only celebrated with an email. Since then, Willis has helped to make the event a bigger spectacle to recognize and reward North Springs’ outstanding individuals. Willis says, “Teachers should be appreciated all year round, but the Teacher of the Year should get special props.” She will continue to work on the event and says he will make sure teachers receive all the recognition they deserve.

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