Opinion: 2022 Capital Improvement Plan Not Sufficient

At the beginning of second semester of  the 2014-2015 school year, the new front entrance that was funded by Fulton County was finally finished. The renovations ended up taking a few more months than intended, which affected entry into the school for students and teachers for the first semester of that year.

Now, North Springs Charter High School has plans for a whole list of renovations and modifications to be done in the 2022 year. The planned modifications are as follows:

  • Modifications and/or addition for Physical Education Programs
  • Modifications and/or addition for Instructional Programs including Science
  • Renovate Auditorium
  • Renovate Black Box Theatre
  • Renovate Art Rooms
  • Renovate Music Suite
  • Replace Fire Alarm System
  • Provide additional asphalt parking and improve traffic circulation
  • Drainage improvements at stadium and tennis courts
  • Replace tennis courts
  • Replace stadium turf
  • Replace competition running track surface
  • Replace press box and stadium storage room
  • Add stadium fencing

Some of the renovations are very necessary and have been needed for a while, while other seem to be a waste of money. For instance, there are many renovations involving sports and the facilities outside. I believe we should use the money more wisely on necessities like new textbooks versus replacing the press box and stadium storage rooms. It just seems like a misuse of the money that the school rarely seems to receive. While the school in past years, in conjunction with Fulton County, has spent millions of taxpayer dollars on athletic facilities, it does not seem like the county nor the school system has prioritized education instead of sports.

This year my Pre-Calculus class was not provided with any textbooks. Only enough books for a single class set was purchased. So to complete homework, we either have to take a picture of the the textbook or go online and look at the problems. Without textbooks, students obviously can not complete their given assignments.

I don’t think money should be spent on sports, which affect many but not all students,  when it could be spent on educational materials that affect the education of all. The tennis courts, stadium turf, and track surface are not in good shape, but when students can’t even be provided a textbook the money needs to be prioritized. The modifications and renovations are definitely needed, but it should be pursued only after all educational improvements are completed.

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