Students criticize plan for 2022 Capital Improvement

After years of repeated requests for a new North Springs campus due to perceived issues with the 50-year-old building, Fulton County Schools informed the Governance Council that they had rejected that request, and instead has promised renovations and improvements by 2022.

The promised renovations are largely sports and art centered: improvements for Physical Education programs and for instructional programs such as science; renovations for the auditorium, black box theater, art rooms,and music suites; replacement of the fire alarm system, tennis courts, stadium turf, track surface, and press box/stadium storage room; and new stadium fencing and asphalt parking.

“I like that the tennis courts are finally being replaced, as we currently have to play our important matches at Sandy Springs Middle School,” said Senior Larry Yanovich. “But why are they spending so much money on stadium turf? They already spent a lot on that.”

Others questioned the lack of academic focus. “Where is the math? We need more academic stuff,” intoned Freshman Ahjmir Johnson. He emphasized the need for more equipment in the labs and greater amounts of math textbooks.

Fulton County has recently provided funding for building new schools,including Riverwood International Charter School and Heards Ferry Elementary School, but North Springs was not rated as a top priority in the review of school facilities, placing 11th in Fulton County. “I am surprised that North Springs is not near the top, but I respect their assessment,” said parent Amy Roosterman.

Students, though, were happy that some improvements were promised. “I wish we got a nicer school like North Atlanta, but I am happy about the new black box,” said sophomore Marcellus Stevens.”It is a really important renovation, especially considering that we are an Arts Magnet.”

In addition, parents at the Governance Council meeting including Governance Chair Mindy Binderman and other organizations such as FONS did not seem pleased that North Springs would not be getting a new building when it was announced on January 21st, as they believed that the school is outdated and not prepared for the future.

“We need a new school now!” exclaimed Betty Klein, parent and volunteer at North Springs at a recent Governance Council meeting. She mentioned her belief that the school’s facilities are outdated and that the learning adequacy was poor.

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