Students, teachers lament sporadic technology at the Springs

As many students and teachers already know, an estimated ¼ of the desktop computers at North Springs are not in use. Students often observe that many computers are not working or that the hard drives of computers are not set up. The lack of funding dedicated to electronics at North Springs has grown apparent. From the old fuzzy projectors to missing letters in keyboards, the technology at North Springs needs attention.

Some teachers were in concurrence. “They don’t set up all my computers before the school year begins,” commented a teacher that asked to remain anonymous. “So many of the keyboards, mice, and screens are damaged and need to be replaced. I don’t know how to work all those wires so most of the time it takes weeks or months to get them all set up and fully functioning, but then something always seems to be down or not working on the servers,”

“It seems like every time we go to the computer lab for a class we end up leaving because the computers never work,” commented Junior Caitlin Elgin. “It makes it really hard to get anything done in school not only for the students, but also the teachers.” The technology itself on the computers are not of the highest standard. Old versions of Internet Explorer remain, removing capabilities to access many important websites for school like Google Drive, or even for The Oracle, which publishes the site.

Another teacher anonymously commented, “I think the computers and the software on them are very outdated. The kids would be more motivated to use the computers if they weren’t so slow and weren’t always breaking or out of order.” The teacher continued to add, that although not all of the computers are up and working, she is thankful for the computers students do have access to.

A student teacher tech support team is being created to go around the school and fix computers when needed. Tech students and teachers will pitch in after school to help get as many computers up and working as possible for student use. The idea of a group designed to help with tech issues is appealing, but does invite questions about school resources.

Recently the media center underwent renovations. Adding more computers in the library, more tables, and new chairs to sit and complete schoolwork are some of the ways the $15,000+ fundraised by FONS (Friends of North Springs), has been put to use. On top of the money raised by FONS, Fulton County is planning to spend $250,000 to completely renovate the library within the next five years. As a result of this new money flowing in, new computers, chairs, desks, and other amenities will improve the library. In addition, new projectors have come to North Springs. This has improved the projector technology, but poor computers and software remain.

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