Umbrellas come to Senior Courtyard

As a parting gift to North Springs, the Senior class has worked with Friends of North Springs (FONS) to get umbrellas in the courtyard located right outside the commons courtyard. This purchase will be appreciated by upcoming seniors the most, as the courtyard is a popular space for seniors to eat lunch.

hhh Senior Alice Ann Lever asked her mother, a FONS representative, if as a senior gift they could reward the school with shade. “I think all of the upcoming Seniors will really appreciate the new umbrellas,” says Lever. “I know there were a ton of days at the beginning of the school year where it was so hot, I considered sitting inside.” Students wait for three years to earn the right to eat in the courtyard, so being forced to sit inside is like a demotion according to other students.

The umbrellas will not only shield eating students from shade, but also rain. Many seniors are discouraged when it rains and they are unable to take advantage of the courtyard privilege. The umbrellas are waterproof and will allow students to utilize the few months it is warm enough to eat outside in the courtyard.

FONS is known for its many projects to improve the overall appearance of North Springs. One of their most notable projects was the redesign of the media center. FONS can be thanked for the upgraded technology, such as new computers for student utilization in the library.

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