Sparta bucks to go digital

The introduction of Sparta Bucks at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year was controversial within the student and teacher body, with many calling the currency a waste of paper. These opinions may change soon as Sparta Bucks transition from their physical form into a digital currency.

According to Julie Ferris, a North Springs Spanish teacher and project lead for digital Sparta Bucks, the new system will be reminiscent of an online bank. Students will have an entry in a school database with their information and account balance. Students will then be able to access their funds and pay for applicable items by using their student ID card. Details about the actual payment process are not concrete yet. It is likely though that places such as the Sparta Lounge will have scanners, which can scan the barcode or QR code on the student ID card and pull up a students account quickly and easily.

The Sparta Buck system was introduced only at the beginning of this semester and so some argue there were bound to be problems with it. However, the switch from physical to digital will help solve many of these concerns. Obviously, making Sparta Bucks electronic will reduce the costs of maintaining them (which mostly came from printing), but it will also address smaller concerns such as keeping track of the current paper slips, and students creating fake bucks. This upgrade will also make it much easier for teachers to give Sparta Bucks to students as they wont have to keep a constant stock of paper copies with their signature on each.

Students don’t need to be worried about all of the Sparta Bucks they have already accumulated going to waste. Ferris assures, “all students who currently have Sparta Bucks will be able to trade them in for their digital equivalent.”

The Sparta Buck system continues to get better as the administration pursues improving it and students grow more accustomed to it. If this trend continues, Sparta Bucks could become an integral part of the way North Springs works.

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