These tips will save your life (for finals)

With finals fastly approaching, students begin to freak about the amount of studying they have to do! The combination of homework, study guides, essays, and projects on top of studying for exams can definitely be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the big week ahead:


  1. Designate time for each class to study
  2. Don’t cram it all in the night before – procrastination is not a good thing!
  3. Take breaks – there’s nothing wrong with taking a 20 minute snack break: it’s a little time to clear your mind and relaxing between studying isn’t bad for focusing.

Dionna writes Princess-Zenita’s story ideas

  1. 4. Try studying with a study buddy or a study group – if studying alone doesn’t seem to be working try reaching out to other kids in your grade and try quizzing each other to make studying a little more interactive.
  1. Use sticky notes to paraphrase textbook passages.

  2. Color code your notes.

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