Club Spotlight: Tabletop Club

The North Springs Club Fair showcased dozens of interesting clubs earlier this year including the Tabletop club.

ooopThis club, as established by its name, consists of a group of students and their sponsor Ben Eldridge, a biology teacher, playing interesting table top games with each other such as Clue, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and especially, Dungeons and Dragons. When asked about the club’s overall purpose, Thomas Thomas, the club president, commented, “The purpose of our club is to provide entertainment for those looking for something a little more intellectual, and perhaps a bit unusual and non-traditional.”

Thomas describes one of the club’s current meetings, “we gather to play role-playing games, where each player portrays a hero on a quest, with one person serving as narrator and referee, the dungeon master; or as I will begin implementing, miniatures games, where players command armies to strategically or tactically overcome the forces of their opponents.”

The Tabletop Club caters to someone who wants an easy way to connect with other students over a common interest in classic gaming. The atmosphere is very friendly and casual and the members are always welcoming to new players. To join, contact Thomas Thomas or Ben Eldridge.

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