North Springs hires interim principal

With the departure of Dr. Eddie Ruiz from North Springs, a new interim principal was needed. North Springs found its man, and hired Dr. Sherrod D. Willaford from Norfolk, Virginia.

Prior to his employment at North Springs, Willaford handled a wide-range of educational jobs, his most recent being the Executive Director for School Improvement in Norfolk Public Schools. Willaford started off his educational career working with Stephenson County School system, working as a math teacher. He moved on after six years, and went to Rockdale County, where he spent 10 years working at CJ Hicks Elementary School as the principal. He had the opportunity to teach at Columbia University, and after two years there, started working in Norfolk Public Schools.

dr willaford

As of now, Willaford is focused on the next month. “I am here to help with the transition,” said Willaford. Fulton County says that in January they will name a new, permanent principal meaning that Willaford’s tenure is uncertain, however there are unnamed sources who say that he is potentially interested in the permanent job.

According to Gonzalo LaCava, Area Superintendent for the Central Learning Community which includes North Springs, “It is tough to find qualified high school principals. There are many candidates for elementary school, some for middle school, but it is hard to find those high school ones.”

So far, not many students have met Dr. Willaford, but those who have are impressed.

“I think he is really nice and funny. I like him a lot so far,” said Junior Melissa Stevens.

Willaford has been making an effort to reach out to the teachers of North Springs. He has been holding meetings with individual departments, and plans further outreach to the students.

“I have been meeting with random focus groups of students,” commented Willaford. Willaford says that he is working to continue what Dr. Ruiz has started and remain focused on the 4Rs of North Springs: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, and Results.



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