Project dance round-up review

Project Dance is an opportunity for North Springs students to display their talents in dance and technical theater. This year’s show, which took place on Friday November 6 and Saturday November 7, upheld the tradition of excellent student-choreographed dances highlighted by spectacular lighting and stage productions run by tech theater students.

The dances this year offered a mixture of large groups, smaller groups, duets, and solos. One of the most notable solos was performed by Sophomore Malayna Valree. The solo, titled “Emerge,” mixed acrobatic talents and lyrical beauty to captivate the audience. Another notable piece was the solo “Code Red” performed by Junior Andreis Payne. “Andreis’ solo was my favorite of the night,” says Senior Amber Liu. “The red strobe lights kept it really interesting and his leaps were so impressive.”

The group dances featured in the show were just as impressive as the solos. One iconic group dance was called “Lift;” it showcased the music of Elliot Moss. The dance utilized a table on which dancers, including senior Kadey Burstein, performed tricks while others danced around it.Senior Claire Cummiskey was also able to showcase her impressive choreography skills in a group jazz routine entitled “You Make Me Feel.”

Group dances performed at Project Dance did noty all consist of larger groups; smaller groups performed in duets and trios. Seniors Alice Ann Lever and Rebecca Neish performed a duet entitled “Up” that delighted the audience due to its calming nature and sweet message. A piece called “Overcome,” performed by juniors Emily Pollack Charlotte Davis and freshman Finleigh Zack, captivated the audience because of its lack of music. The only sounds heard during the dance were the exaggerated breathing routines of its performers.

North Springs dancers loved the show just as much as the audience. “It was so amazing to dance to our own choreography and see how creative everyone was,” says freshman Laura Lawson. Dancers and appreciators of the art form are looking forward to the upcoming Spring dance show, whose date is to be announced.

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