New, more advanced projectors slowly trickle in to North Springs

In recent weeks, many teachers at North Springs High School have received new Epson smart projectors.

The BrightLink 575Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector projects media onto a surface for students in the class to interact with and view. This projector is mounted very close to the projecting screen. This provides a clear image and allows negligible disturbance from objects placed near the projector which might normally block the light path. The close positioning of the projector allows for interactivity. The Epson device uses ultra-short throw technology to sense when a user’s hand interrupts the light stream and uses the data to create a touchscreen-like effect. This allow students to experience what they are learning in a much more kinesthetic way. Students and teachers alike will be able to annotate, draw, and much more on the learning content. As well as providing this interactive feature, the Epson projector also allows students to stream presentations and other media from devices like cellphones. All of this content is displayed in 2700 lumens of color, three times that of a normal projector.


North Springs’ new projectors are slowly rolling in

Students and teachers at North Springs have been very excited to use this new technology. Eric Smith, the North Springs AP U.S. History teacher, commented that although he has been using the projectors features he has not “utilized the projector to its full potential yet.” Smith says he will be “reading the manual and talking to teachers at Roswell [High School] who have been using these projectors. “ After he learns to use the projectors to their full capacity, Smith believes “they will be really useful in the class and help all of the students learn in new ways.”

Jerome White, a Junior at North Springs is also excited about the new projectors commenting, “They are superior to other projectors but have a few problems that need ironing out.” White did not comment on these problems specifically.

Unfortunately, many teachers have not received these new projectors yet and and are “making do” with what they have. This often includes discolored images, tilted screens, incompatible software; some have non-working projectors and have had to make do with portable projectors or none at all. However, the county has made plans to eventually provide all teachers with these new projectors. When the distribution is finally complete, students at North Springs will be able learn in new exciting ways.

2 responses to “New, more advanced projectors slowly trickle in to North Springs

  1. My question is how they can afford to buy these for every teacher (which I assume is expensive), and yet can’t afford to buy new stuff for visual and performing arts, such as instruments, more music, tools, light boxes, or even an airbrush kit.

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