MUSIC REVIEW: “Kiss Me Quick” by Nathan Sykes

When most people hear the name Nathan Sykes, they think of just another member of the British boy band The Wanted. However, Sykes has recently decided to pursue a solo career. His soulful debut single “Kiss Me Quick” offers an impressive sample of his first solo album, to come out next January. A catchy R&B beat highlights the rich tones in Sykes’ voice in a beautiful melody.

The Wanted, now broken up, was famous for its upbeat, pop music and its somewhat shallow lyrics. Sykes’ solo work is more mature, while keeping a fun, flirty vibe. Fans of famous soulful singers such as Sam Smith will enjoy Sykes’ impressive vocal range, while fans of more upbeat music will appreciate the upbeat instrumental.

“Kiss Me Quick” is playing into the popular trend of “vintage” music, in which 1960’s and 70’s beats are revived with more modern voices. Songs such as Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” have been praised for combining music prevalent in the past with popular artists, in Ronson’s case Grammy-award winning Bruno Mars. Sykes brings back jazz tunes popular in the 1960’s, but keeps it interesting with fun lyrics.

The “Kiss Me Quick” video is simple, making it easier to focus on the musical talent. “I really wanted to focus on the musicality of the track – it’s got such a big sound that I wanted a simple but big idea  that really brought out the energy,” says Sykes.

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