COMAP returns for another year

North Springs students will participate in the COMAP MCM calculus competition on November 7-9 this year. COMAP is a competition in which students complete a complex calculus problem over the course of 2-3 days while they live and sleep at the school. The competition is open to any students who are currently enrolled in or have previously completed AP Calculus.

Though MCM is designed for students to complete a higher order math problem, COMAP is known more for bringing students together. “There wasn’t a huge emphasis on the actual problem last year,” says North Springs senior Rebecca Neish. “We focused more on bonding with the other students.”

COMAP is known for bringing students together, especially through food and fun activities. Last year, physics teacher Zachary Luna set up a slackline for the students to attempt crossing. Various students also brought enos and set them up in the commons to sleep. Food is also donated by parents and teachers. “There was also an industrial sized peanut butter [jar],” says Neish.

The problem COMAP participants must solve is based on higher order thinking skills acquired only through completing a calculus course. “When I competed in COMAP it was a calculus-based problem that focused on moving parts,” says senior Abi Szabo. “The answer was more describing the process than solving using equations.”

Throughout COMAP, students are required to sleep at school. Girls will stay in the library, and boys will stay in various math classrooms. “Last year we all set up sleeping bags and it was basically a big slumber party,” said Neish. Students under no circumstances can leave the school building, even to shower.

COMAP is a program that gives calculus students a chance to bond with others and truly showcase what they have been learning throughout the year. It is a fantastic asset to record on college and job applications as well.

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