Track Star Micaiah Ransby Commits to the University of Georgia

She ran the fastest 4×4 time in the history of Georgia. She is currently ranked #5 in the state and #28 in the nation. She has been recruited by the University of Georgia. Track star Micaiah Ransby is no ordinary high school senior.

Ransby’s track career began when she joined her middle school track team, but her love for running didn’t fully blossom until her sophomore year. Encouraged by a dedicated coach and surrounded by talented and supportive teammates, Micaiah realized her passion for track and her potential to take her sport to a professional level.

North Springs' winning track team

North Springs’ winning track team

“My favorite part about running is the people you meet,” Ransby shared. “I love the feeling of getting a [personal record, and] the competition in track and field is great.” Last year, Ransby made history by winning the state competition, breaking Georgia’s 4×4 record, and becoming #1 in the nation. But she couldn’t have done it without her team.

The North Springs track team consists of Tyra Williams, Kennedy Crawford, Kennedi-Weston Shields, and Jayda Drake-Howard. “My team is a big part of who I am,” says Micaiah. “We all help each other and cheer each other on. Whether they know it or not, they’ve influenced my running immensely by just being there for me.” Ransby’s relationship with her teammates extend well beyond the sport too. “We constantly push each other to be better not only on the track but in real life situations as well.”

Micaiah Ransby also has a fantastic coach, Olympic gold-medalist and world record holder Antonio McKay. She considers him to be a great role model and friend. “My coach has changed my whole life. He’s made me faster, of course, but he is making me [a] better person every day.” During McKay’s athletic career, he competed in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics and won two gold medals and one bronze medal. He has been inducted into the New York Athletic Club Hall of Fame, the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame, the Georgia Track & Field Hall of Fame, the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, and the Atlanta Hall of Fame. McKay’s accomplishments have been a source of inspiration for Ransby, who said, “to me, he’s like my hero and someone I can strive to be like.”

Even before Ransby entered her senior year, university athletic programs were keeping tabs on her track performance. Ransby was scouted by many colleges, including the University of South Carolina, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, University of Alabama, University of Miami, University of Tennessee, Kennesaw State University, Texas Christian University, and Indiana University. Ultimately, Ransby chose the University of Georgia. “UGA was the perfect option,” she said. “During the recruitment, it was always my top choice. When I went on my official visit I fell in love even more. The team was welcoming, and I liked the vibes I was getting. I also like how I am close to home so I won’t be far away from my coach and team.”

At the University of Georgia, Ransby plans on majoring in journalism in addition to participating in the track program. Eventually she hopes to become a professional track athlete and compete in the Olympics. But no matter where she goes in life, Micaiah Ransby will always be a proud North Springs Spartan.

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