Spartan Lounge Opens to Mixed Reviews

In an attempt to entice students to follow PROS (Prepared, Respectful, On-Time, and Smart), the North Springs administration has created what they hope will be one of the biggest student rewards available — the Sparta Lounge.

This creation, which charges students 30 Sparta Bucks for entry and cost roughly $5,000 to build in the space formerly occupied by the art gallery, is impressive: Within its coffeehouse-styled space, it contains  books, games, couches, and designer tables and chairs, as well as the crowning achievement, a flat-screen TV, a PS4 with games including NBA 2K16, FIFA 16, Lego Jurassic World, and Minecraft. The administration wanted to make it a fun destination for deserving students, and a visit to the lounge proved that it is just that.

The $5,000 lounge was funded by revenues from locker sales and parking passes. This revenue stream, which renews each year, can be spent at the Principal’s discretion. The administration’s attention to student comfort and needs shows; within the lounge are framed paintings and pictures from various students, as well as a printer and four laptop computers

Despite the enticing atmosphere, the Sparta Lounge has had inconsistent attendance: sometimes the Lounge is bustling and reaches its maximum capacity of 20, but sometimes there are only a few people. Administration believed that the low numbers were due to a lack of awareness about the Lounge.  In an attempt to curry more student interest, the North Springs administration has offered a 50% off rate of only 15 Sparta Bucks and is considering reducing the price further by making it so that 15 Sparta Bucks would last not just for one day, but for a whole week.

One way that the Lounge is making money is through the sale of food in the back. Most items are some sort of sweets, and people who are not in the Spartan Lounge can go inside and buy these foods as well.

Students opinions about the Sparta Lounge have been generally ambivalent or negative. “I think that it is a huge waste of money. I don’t think that people are really aspiring to go there,” remarked Junior Sophie Lewman.

Some students like it though. “I’ve never been there, but my freshman sister has. She loves it and a lot of freshman do,” said Senior Najiha Phillips.

“I think it’s cool,” commented Freshman Madeline Seton, “but I think it is sort of a waste. My friends wouldn’t be able to go in there with me so I think it wouldn’t be that fun,” continued Seton.

Despite the naysayers, Administration maintains a positive vibe on the new student hangout. Remarked Kira Willis, one of North Springs’ assistant principals, “I think it is pretty cool.”

Students can visit the Spartan Lounge on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the morning from 7:45 to 8:15 AM or during lunch on those days.

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