North Springs goes for repeat win against Riverwood

On October 10th, 2014, a miraculous occurrence happened for the North Springs Spartans football team. They beat the highly rated Riverwood Raiders for the first time in a while. The Spartans defeated the Raiders 24-17, with a lot of help from the electric wave of pink for the Breast Cancer game in the student section. That game is coming up again and North Springs is ready to go.

Many North Springs students remember last year’s Riverwood vs. North Springs as one of their best memories as a North Springs student (Link here to Seth’s article from last year). “I was really excited. It made me proud to call myself a Spartan,” said Sophomore and current Varsity safety for the Spartans, Evan Murphy, who watched the game from the student section as a member of the Freshmen team. When asked about playing in the game this year rather than watching it last year, Murphy continued by saying, “Watching the game last was fun, but this year it will be incredible playing.”

This year’s Spartans are noticeably better than last year’s team. Also, this year’s game is at Riverwood. With these factors, many still consider the Spartans the underdog. Riverwood is tied for first place with a 4-1 record and are 2-0 in division play.They are ready to redeem themselves from last year’s resounding defeat.  Riverwood players and students alike are already talking a lot of trash. Many Raider players sound real confident, even cocky, when this year’s game is brought up. Certain anonymous Riverwood football players have said that they want to tear the ACL’s of some of the North Springs players (they will remain anonymous for their safety). Raiders players have also said that North Springs does not have any fans and the worst student section in Georgia. “Riverwood can whoop and holler about themselves, but we talk with our pads and that’s it,” says starting quarterback Rees Vierson.

This year, the Spartans have the chance to be the “the Kings of Sandy Springs”. The Spartans already beat Dunwoody in the exhibition game this season, and if they beat Riverwood, they will have bragging rights over all public high school football teams in the vicinity (Dunwoody and Sandy Springs). The Spartans hope to gain more respect in the community.

The North Springs Spartans will play the Riverwood Raiders on Friday, October 9th. The game will be at Riverwood at 7:15. There is no school that day, so students have all day to get pumped.

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