2015 Project Dance Approaching

For almost twenty years the North Springs dance department has been sponsoring a student-choreographed dance show called Project Dance. This year, the show will be held on November 6th and 7th at 7:00 P.M. As of now, 20 acts have made it through the first round of cuts. The second round will be occurring in a few weeks.

Students and teachers alike are very excited to see what the dancers can come up with this year. The pieces auditioned already have extremely positive reviews. Dance teacher Andrea Edmonstone has been working on Project Dance this year. “I saw some very creative pieces with inventive choreography. Last year was a strong show, but the dances this year are more out of the box and original,” said Edmonstone.

Even though the dance teachers are very impressed with the work of the students so far and are looking forward to how it will be improved. The dancers themselves are the most excited about the show. Senior Claire Cumminskey has participated in every Project Dance since her freshman year. “I am always excited for Project Dance because I love to show my artistic passions and hard work in class,” says Cumminskey.

The 2015 Project Dance show will showcase mostly contemporary pieces, though some jazz pieces have made it through the first cut. Viewers may be disappointed in the lack of variety in this year’s show. “This is the first show in many years we will not have any hip-hop routines,” says Edmonstone.

Dancers are encouraged to work on their dances outside of school, though they are given some class time to perfect the pieces. The dance teachers, Ms. Kent and Ms. Edmonstone, donate the most effort and time to Project Dance through reminding dancers to manage their time well. Because all dances are student choreographed and all technological work is done by tech-theater focused students, the teachers have very little say in what goes into dances.

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