Students receive parking passes for new school year

Over the past few years, student parking has become more and more of a hassle. With the recent reconstruction of the entrance and outside front of the school, the already limited parking was reduced even more. Seniors receive priority over Juniors when applying for a parking spot. With only 129 student parking spaces available, there are many students left this school year with no parking. With few options for transportation to school, some students require a parking spot. Although there is a waiting list for parking spots in the student lot, there aren’t enough spots for everyone that has applied for one. Currently there are three people on the waiting list.

The process to apply for a parking pass is as follows: In April-May, upcoming seniors are allowed to begin submitting their completed application with proper documentation and a $125.00 money order. As the senior applications begin to come in, Jennifer Beach, the Principal’s Secretary, and an administrator check the student’s attendance and discipline records. If a student does not meet the requirements specified on the application, their money will be returned and they will not be able to obtain a spot. On July 1st, the upcoming Juniors are able to begin applying for a spot. If spots are left over come Spartan Gear Up Days, parking spots are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When asked how a student can get their spot revoked, Beach states, “A student gets their spot revoked if they violate the contract that they signed. There are many ways to get the pass revoked; this is why it was required for students to read the contract and initial and sign to acknowledge their understanding of the contract. We are checking attendance and discipline; those are both huge factors. You can also get your parking pass immediately revoked if you leave campus for any reason during the school day, unless you have a mentorship or internship off campus. This means leaving for lunch or anything of that sort.  Parking is a privilege not a right. Students need to remember that.”

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