Freshman Class Council Finalized

With a new grade of freshmen students coming into North Springs, elections were necessary to determine who would represent the students on student government. Positions available included President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and up to 15 representatives. The winners were announced on September 1st; with the only contest moving to a run-off election being for Freshman Class President. The winner of Secretary was Madeline Berns; the Treasurer, Josh Edelman; and the Historian, Jayla Edmonds. Candidates Jake Rubin and Daniel Pagan moved onto a run-off election on September 10, with the winner, Jake Rubin, was named Freshman Class President.

The formation of the new freshman class council began on Gear Up Days where members of the current student government had a table and attempted to recruit freshman to run for office and tried to get interested freshman’s emails. Approximately 50 students expressed interest; an election meeting for those interested occurred on August 19th, with about 20 people in attendance.

Soon after, the interested candidates officially announced their candidacies, and campaigning began with posters, signs, and goodies replete, culminating on Friday, August 28th with 30 second speeches about why each candidate should be chosen for Freshman Class Council. There were four presidential candidates; however none for vice president. There were two for both treasurer and historian, and only one candidate for secretary.

The losers of the offices were offered lower positions. The second place presidential candidate, Daniel Pagan, will be  offered the position of Vice President. All remaining candidates who lost will be soon offered positions as representatives.

Freshman Class Council responsibilities include fundraisers to prepare for events like Prom, Senior Olympics, and Graduation. With a new class of Freshmen leaders, they will take their place as the future of the school, and will have challenges ahead.

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