Club Fair hits North Springs

On Friday, August 28th, the North Springs Student Government Association successfully pulled off the annual Club Rush. In the morning, fifty-five clubs set up an array of colorful posters and  sign-up sheets in the Main Gym, and by the time the posters came down, the sign-up sheets were full. Many clubs gained hundreds of new members, and all of the clubs are looking forward to a fun and productive year ahead.

If you missed club rush or did not get all the information you need, here is a rundown of all the club information:

21st Century Leaders

President: Valeriya Zhurakouskaya

Sponsor: Ms. Raposo

Club Email:

What They Do: “21st Century Leaders is a service and leadership club that helps the community and teaches students real world skills for success in the 21st century.”

Meets every other Thursday.

The 800 Club (Free SAT/ACT Tutoring)

President: Nina Qin

Sponsor: Mr. G

Club Email:

What They Do: “Volunteers who have scored well on their SAT’s or ACT’s will tutor students for SAT’s, SAT II’s, and ACT’s.”

Meeting dates TBD.

ACDC (Architecture, Construction, & Design Club)

President: Cristian Harper

Sponsor: Mr. Gresens / Mr. Greb

Club Email:

What They Do: “ACDC exposes students to the skill trades and provides high-paying competitive options after high school.”

Meets every other Tuesday.

Anime Club

President: Bianca Liriano

Sponsor: Mr. Lupiani

Club Email:

What They Do: “Anime Club is a club in which people with the love for anime can come together and do things anime-related such as cosplaying and going to conventions.”

Meets on Tuesdays, 4:00pm – 5:30pm.

Art, Media, Style, and Creativity (AMSC)

President: Nkechi Afulezo

Sponsor: Byrd & Griffin

Club Email:

What They Do: “AMSC brings together creative talents around the school to eventually host a fashion show at the school”.

Meets on the 2nd/3rd Wednesdays.

Asian Culture Club

President: Ellison Pyon

Sponsor: Mr. Tyree

Club Email:

What They Do: “Asian Culture Club is a club for those who have an interest to gain knowledge of culture in Asia. We will have weekly meetings and have fun activities pertaining to Asian culture. The culture consists of customs, music, entertainment, lives of students, holidays, and more!”

Meets on Wednesdays after school.

Beta Club

President: DJ Alaras

Sponsor: Ms. Butler

Club Email:

What They Do: Beta Club is an academic service club. We have a project every month, either service or fundraising, and we encourage members to participate in service outside of the school as well. We also have a service requirement for members to complete.”

Meet once or twice a month in the mornings.

Black Girls Rock

President: Key’ana Banks

Sponsor: Catchings

Club Email:

What They Do: “Black Girls Rock empowers young black females to do better than an average statistic. We plan to speak the gospel of the young black women’s lives and how they matter”.

Meets once a month after school.

Chinese Culture Club

President: Warren Erling

Sponsor: Ms. Weng

Club Email:

What They Do: “Chinese Culture Club is a club that not only instructs kids about modern chinese culture, but helps them with their Chinese language development as well as involves them in Chinese competitions around Georgia.”

Meets on Mondays at 7:30am.

Community Assisting Spartans (CAS)

President: DJ Alaras

Sponsor: Ms. King

Club Email:

What They Do: “Community Assisting Spartans are affiliated with the Sandy Spring’s Community Assistance center. The students in the club are interested in serving their community.”

Meets on Wednesday at 7:50 am.

Computer Science Club

President: Benjamin Cohen

Sponsor: Ms. Holloway

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Computer Science Club will have bimonthly meetings where we discuss new technology, various coding, and technological projects and work towards competitions and other goals.

Meets every other Wednesday, 3:45pm – 5:00pm

Debate Club

President: Justin Reeves

Sponsor: King

Club Email:

What They Do: “Debate Club is a club in which people are able to express their opinions while listening to the opinions of others about controversial topics”.

Meeting times TBD.

Echo Literary Magazine

President: Rachel Kaufman

Sponsor: Mr. Throne

Club Email:

What They Do: “Echo publishes the annual Echo lit mag.”

Meets during 7th period class and afternoons TBD.

Environmental Club

President: Sarah Saltzman

Sponsor: Ms. Jackson

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Environmental Club gives students an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities outdoors such as hiking, kayaking, and camping”.

Meets Thursdays, 3:45pm – 4:30pm

French Club

President: Key’Ana Banks

Sponsor: Assi

Club Email:

What They Do: “The French Club will help students understand french culture and can also help students reinforce what they’re learning in French class”.

Meets Tuesdays after school.

French National Honor Society

President: TBD

Sponsor: Tyree

Club Email:

What They Do: “French National Honor Society will promote French culture and awareness within the school and community at large”.

Meets after school.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

President: Isaac Chambers

Sponsor: Holloway

Club Email:,

What They Do: “Future Business Leaders of America is an organization that provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, explore careers, compete in areas related to business, technology, design, performance, and more. Students can compete for scholarships, prizes, and cash awards. FBLA also believes in community service and education”.

Meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Presidents: Alice Ann Lever & Emil Muly

Sponsor: Smith

Club Email:

What They Do: The FFA will meet once a week in the mornings. The meetings will convene after short introductions for new members and the recitation of the FFA creed. Then we will delve into the meeting’s agenda, discussing current events in American farming, in addition to careers and hobbies related to agriculture, and planning trips/activities regarding the FFA initiative”.

Meets on Wednesday mornings.

Good Hearts

President: Keyana Crumby & Semaj Gaudeau

Sponsor: Elliott

Club Email:

What They Do: “Good Hearts is a club that is meant to being the good and kindness out of people. We are here to do all types of charity and talk about any personal issues and how to get help”.

Meets on Mondays and Thursdays.

Harry Potter Club

Presidents: Avielle Krug & Sammie Hardy

Sponsor: Pekatos

Club Email:

What They Do: “Harry Potter Club is a club to talk, discuss, create, and explore exciting topics relating to the series and books. It’s also a place of acceptance where everyone can express themselves and make new friends while doing so. Our goals are to expand our minds, create new relationships, and have a blast”.

Meets on Monday afternoons.


President: Stefany Munoz

Sponsor: Palazzolo

Club Email:

What They Do: “HOPE is the largest Hispanic organization in Georgia and its mission is to increase the graduation rate among hispanic students through leadership, education, and community service”.

Meets on the first Thursday of every month

HOSA (Health Occupational Students of America)

President: Josh Patton

Sponsor: Diener

Club Email:

What They Do: “HOSA is a student led organization in which students gain knowledge of skills related to various healthcare professions. HOSA intends to increase student awareness of current health issues, and participates in Red Ribbon Week, Red Cross Blood Drives, health fairs, and Junior HOSA competitions”.

Meets Tuesday mornings.

Improv Troupe

President: Princess-Zenita Jasper

Sponsor: Owens

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Improv Troupe is both a club and troupe in one. Everyone is welcome to join our club. We play improv games and improve our acting and comedy skills to prepare for our showcase. Our strongest 6-8 performers will be chosen to be featured in our showcase”.

Meets Wednesdays at 7:40 am.

Interact Club

President: Anna Rappaport

Sponsor (interim): Pekatos

Club Email:

What They Do: “Interact is a service club that is tied to the Sandy Springs Rotary Organization. Out North Springs chapter is part of an international network of high school chapters that serve the local and international communities”.

Meets on Tuesday at 7:45 am.

Jewish Culture Club

Presidents: Yarden Hayut & Nicole Webb

Sponsor: Sauer

Club Email:

What They Do: “Jewish Culture Club is a culture club with monthly meetings and more! We always have a speaker and food. We meet on select Tuesdays during all 3 lunches, and we are open to students of all religions!”

Meets on Tuesdays during lunch once a month.


President: Trevor Langill

Sponsor: Cox

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Junto gives students a chance to discuss technology, advancement of humans as a species, and their ideas in the fields of biotechnology and cybernetics, as well as philosophy, politics, and ethics.

Meets after school on Wednesdays.

Latin Club

President: Alex Hertz

Sponsor: Henderson

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Latin Club will further explore the Latin language and culture. It will help students better understand certain aspects of Latin”.

Meets Tuesdays after school.


President: Rachael Simpson

Sponsor: King

Club Email:

What They Do: “The NSCHS LGBTQ Club is a club to support its members under any circumstances and to build awareness of the LGBTQ issues at hand”.

Meets Tuesday mornings at 7:50 am.

Maker Club

President: TBD

Sponsor: Gresens

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Maker Club is a fusion of creativity and technology. Making technology serve our needs. We support creativity and competitions such as the Deconstruction”.

Meets after school on Wednesdays.

Math Team

President: Matt Diamond

Sponsor: Lewis

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Math Team is a competition-based math team for students participating in extracurricular mathematical competitions. We meet once a week to practice our skills in preparation for future competitions”.

Meets after school on Tuesdays.

Mock Trial

President: Sophie Frostbaum

Sponsor: TBD

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Mock Trial club meets and learns the laws of mock trial. We also receive a case that we must study and learn for when we go to competitions”.

Meeting times TBD.

Model UN

President: Seth Hochman

Sponsor: Olson

Club Email:

What They Do: “Model UN engages in speech and debate focusing on international affairs. We represent a country at conferences, and we participate in two conferences each year”.

Meets after school on Mondays.

National Art Honor Society and Art Club

Presidents: Abigail Szabo and Rebecca Neish

Sponsor: Dellaria

Club Email:

What They Do: “We spread the benefits of art around the school and share with the community. All NAHS members must have at least a 3.5 GPA and must fill out an application. 10 hours of community service are required each year”.

Meets every other Tuesday morning.

National Honor Society

President: Mandy Peskin

Sponsor: Kaminsky

Club Email:

What They Do: “National Honor society is a leadership and community service organization for students with a numeric average of a 94% or higher, including honors points”.

Meets after school on Thursdays.

North Springs Fencing Club

President: Matt Diamond

Sponsor: Lewis

Club Email:

What They Do: “We will be a competition-based athletics club practicing once a week on campus. We aim to teach club members the basics of the sport so that we can take the team to competitions at other high schools in the league”.

Meets after school on Monday.

Open Heart, Open Hand

President: Alexa Rakusin

Sponsor: Diener

Club Email:

What They Do: “Open Heart Open Hand is a community service oriented club. Some projects, such as out pop-tab donation project for the Ronald McDonald House, are year-long projects. We also volunteer as a group outside of school at places like Project Open Hand, where we pack food for the homebound elderly. The main focus of the club, however, is to send out information about various volunteer opportunities around the community that you can choose to participate in, which is especially helpful if you need community service hours or enjoy volunteering”.

Meets after school on Mondays.

Playwrights / Screenwriters Club

President: David Chernyak

Sponsor: King

Club Email:

What They Do: “Our club is for aspiring playwrights or anybody interested in learning more about the craft”.

Meeting times TBD.

Positivity Club

President: Gillian Yee & Allison Shindell

Sponsor: Gresens & Benschine

Club Email:

What They Do: “Positivity Club is an organization dedicated to participating in stress-relieving and anxiety coping activities and methods, including DIY crafts, mones, anxiety-coping discussions, and volunteering opportunities”.

Meets Wednesday mornings.

Sci-Fi Club

President: Kaylin Youngquist

Sponsor: Throne

Club Email:

What They Do: “We encourage diversity and creativity by bringing people together who may be too shy about their love of sci-fi”.

Meets after school on Wednesdays.

Science National Honor Society

President: Douglas Redd

Sponsor: Jackson

Club Email:

What They Do: “SNHS will be the prominent scientific organization that will engender a new group of young thinkers who will be the future of industry and scientific exploration for America”.

Meets every other Wednesday after school.

Science Olympiad: Laser Sharks

President: Kevin Santillan

Sponsor: Jackson

Club Email:

What They Do: “Science Olympiad competes at various science events such as Science Olympiad and Science Bowl, as well as other engineering competitions”.

Meets Thursdays after school.

Service Sandy Springs

President: Jacob Cohen and Jacob Karsch

Sponsor: Olson

Club Email:

What They Do: “This club will organize community service volunteering at a minimum of once a month. These volunteering opportunities will be focused on serving the Sandy Springs community”.

Meets on the first Wednesday morning of every month.

Slam Poetry Club

President: Paul Anthony

Sponsor: Raposo

Club Email:

What They Do: “This club will help students improve writing and public speaking skills through writing and performing slam poetry”.

Meeting times TBD.

Spanish Culture Club

President: Emily Brothman and Julia Rosenthal

Sponsor: Batista & Ferris

Club Email:

What They Do: “Spanish Culture Club is a culture club immersing students in authentic hispanic cultural experiences”.

Meeting times TBD.

Spanish National Honor Society

President: Mandy Peskin

Sponsor: Romero

Club Email:

What They Do: “Spanish Honor Society is a National Honor Society for students who take spanish in high school and have completed Spanish II or higher with an 87% average or higher. Students must be enrolled in a Spanish class at the time of induction”.

Meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

The Spartan Rewards Club

President: Alisa Wilson

Sponsor: Beach

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Spartan Rewards Club is a club that is based off rewarding students for great behavior while volunteering in our community/ We are the club over the Spartan lounge”.

Meets once a month.

The Spartan Soccer Squad

President: Jerry Nazurio

Sponsor: Turner & Forbes

Club Email:

What They Do: “The Spartan Soccer Squad will give students a chance to be more invested in the school so they will succeed. Our club members love soccer and are committed to soccer. We will enhance cultural awareness by showcasing an underrepresented sport in this community”.

Meets Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Spartan Spirit Squad

President: Meriah Grove

Sponsor: Horton

Club Email:

What They Do: “Spartan Spirit Squad is the spirit committee that controls the student section at football games, keeps the spirits high, and gets people pumped about being at North Springs High School!”

Meets on Wednesdays during lunch.

Sparta Talk

President: Justin Benford

Sponsor: Pekatos

Club Email:

What They Do: “Sparta Talk will be an area to discuss ideas. With topics ranging from technology and design to government and economics”.

Meets Wednesdays after school.

Spartan Warriors

President: Gerardo Enriquez

Sponsor: Powers

Club Email:

What They Do: “JROTC cadets and students get together to volunteer and help the school”.

Meets Monday – Friday after school

Table Top Club

President: Thomas Thomas

Sponsor: Eldridge

Club Email:

What They Do: “Students will play tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Munchkin, and Magic the Gathering”.

Meets Thursdays after school.

Tech Support

President: Jared Rakusin & Ethan Trant

Sponsor: Moore

Club Email:

What They Do: “Tech Support fixes the computers in school and teaches students how to fix computers”.

Meeting times TBD.

Thespian Society (Troupe #4389)

President: Sarah Daniels & Nicole Webb

Sponsor: Owens

Club Email:

What They Do: “The International Thespian Society recognizes the achievement of high school theatre students and plans events to raise money for our booster”.

Meets twice a month.


President: Lamarcus Pearson

Sponsor: Landreau & Craven

Club Email:

What They Do: “Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) is a National Music Honor Society. An honorary group for music students who meet all the guidelines and requirements for membership”.

Meets every other Thursday after school in the Orchestra room, E110.


President: Manshi Baskaran

Sponsor: Benschine

Club Email:

What They Do: “UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child. With its partners, they work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children to the benefit of all children everywhere”.

Meets on Tuesday mornings.

If you are a club officer and want to change or update any of the information listed about your club, please email

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