Club Rush Do’s and Don’t’s

With Club Rush approaching (Friday, August 28th), Guest Writer Grace Motahari wants to give you some advice:

As many North Springs students know, Club Rush is one of the first school wide events held around the third week of school, with this year it being on August 28th. Usually held in the Aux gym, but this year in the gym, it’s crowded and goes by very quickly. With all the hustle and bustle of trying to join clubs your friends are involved in or looking at the variety of different clubs, everything seems like a blur. Don’t worry though, because I’m going to walk you through the Do’s and Don’ts of Club Rush.

When going through the packed gym, you’ll see multiple displays of various clubs spread throughout. Last year, when we were walking through the gym, people literally threw bracelets at us and told us to join their club. Without a doubt, people will probably do that this year too. They’ll tell you that they have doughnuts, or just free food, and one way or another, you’ll be lured into signing up for all of these different types of clubs.

However, you need to be careful and keep track of how many clubs you sign up for. Last year, when club rush ended, I had literally signed up for eight clubs. In the end, I had only participated in two. Before going to Club Rush, you should know what days you are available before and after school, so when the time comes, you can know what clubs you can actually make it too. Also, make sure you have enough time to do your homework. It can be difficult to balance various extracurricular activities with your main courses, but remember that school work always comes first.

Join clubs because you want to join them. Some of these clubs can actually help you with your future, (no offense to the Harry Potter Club). There are some really great clubs though such as Mock Trial and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Some of my friends have joined them, and they really like them. These clubs can help you out with your future, so choose wisely.

Time really flies, so don’t put off joining any clubs for next year or something. If you want to make a club, don’t wait for next year. Do it as soon as you hear the announcements to pick up and turn in club forms, because in a blink of an eye, you’ll be a Senior, graduating and wondering what you did in your high school career. Overall, choose your clubs carefully, manage your time wisely, and enjoy yourself.

Do Don’t
Find a club that suits you Join a club just because your friend wants you to
Take advantage of what you’re being provided with Leave joining or making a club to the last minute
Manage your time wisely Don’t spend all your time focusing on extracurricular avtivities
Join a club that you have time for Join a club that you can’t commit to



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