Generation Z

Generation Z, known for innovative, efficient, and unique advances in technology, is quickly joining elder generations in the political world. With the inevitable, elder generations have claimed that they are lazy, unaware, and sad to look up to for future leadership. Oh the horror! Here is why Generation Z should be given a chance.

  1. Generation Z is like any other generation who are going through their adolescent years. The majority make mistakes and live as if in they do not have anything to hold on to. It is most likely that by the time they have reached adulthood, they will have grown out of their immature phase. So do not base your judgement of them on a phase of their life in which you were acting the same or worse.
  2. Generation Z is more realistic than previous generations. Generation Z witnessed the Iraq war, Afghanistan war, and the Great Recession. Watching their parents lose their jobs due to the Great Recession, they realize that success is not something to be taken for granted, which is why “60% want to have an impact on the world with their jobs, compared to 39% of Millennials,” according to Time Magazine.
  3. Many of this generation see themselves as distinct, yet NOT ALL direct assessments are definite. You can definitely hear a lot of Generation Z saying that “getting rich” is the most attempted goal, but that is only because “61% of high school students and 43% of college students would rather be an entrepreneur instead of an employee when they graduate college,” according to Millennial Branding.
  4. When it comes to politics, Generation Z is referred to as ignorant and unreliable. Their political outlook is the most tolerant of any generation on issues such as immigration, race and homosexuality, three of the most talked about topics whenever politics are brought up. Generation Z are the ones who have grown up their entire life building great relationships with immigrants,  stood for justice against racism (like the previous generation), and given the most positive support for the gay community. Although this is the case, perspectives are miscellaneous as to whether Generation Z is capable of being any more engaged in civic life than people in the past.

In reference to a quote I once saw, “Throw fertilizer at people that need to grow up.” Feed this generation knowledge,  examples, leadership, unity, and watch them mold into what you think a future leader should be.

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