VPA Academy ends school year with a bang

Although the end school fever is among us, the VPA academy decided to say goodbye with a bang in the form of two shows: The Cabaret and The Senior Showcase. The Senior Showcase was the drama seniors’ final goodbye to the entire theater department as well as the school. The Senior Showcase is exclusively for student students in the Advanced Drama IIM class, a course in which the prerequisites are four years of theater. This was more than just a show, but an accumulation of high school career in acting.

The first act was quite a hell-raiser,literally. It was a comedic short play about the suprisingly small thirty-six plus population of people that reside in hell. Their evil antics are quickly disrupted when a person with a good heart shows up to change theirs.

The acting was impeccable. Because the show had a cast of mostly male members, Caroline Steed and Dominique Rodriguez donned wigs and beards to portray Hammurabi and a scandalous politician. Also, Jordan Smith portrayed Satan with spunk, fierceness, and wit.

The only thing better than the acting were the costumes. There was a constant motif of red and black except for the good hearted Samaritan who donned regular clothing to represent her differentiation from the rest.

The second act did not disappoint either. It was a compilation of singing, acting, and musical theater. It opened with a number from the Tony-Winning Musical Pippin. This was then followed by a scene of two best friends and their opinions on love.

Following this was a monologue on domestic abuse which left everyone misty eyed and impressed with the performance. Then there were countless musical numbers including mash ups, ukulele duos, and hilarious satiric number about Satan.

The show ended with a triumphant number of Bye Bye Bye to the BackStreet Boy’s number one hit. So, bye, bye, bye, to our Seniors, and we all know they will become great things after seeing this fantastic show.

The following Tuesday some of our seniors, and kids from every grade, put on the annual Cabaret. The Cabaret is a compilation of musical numbers from different movies and Broadway shows.

The full company began the show with the number Wilkomen from the musical Cabaret. It was high energy, funny, and only a prelude to the great night ahead.

Afterwards, the first solo of the night was by Margaret Turner singing Home form Beauty and The Beast. The rising Junior was also a lead in the previous school musical 9 to 5 so it was no surprise  that she sung beautifully and with depth.

Two other rising Juniors that have held a place in the theater department, Ginnie House and Sarah Daniels, revived the characters Evelyn-Evelyn that they portrayed in the last winter show with the same name singing Anything You Can Do from Annie Get Your Gun. Just as sharp and entertaining as the first time, the pair sucessfully captured the audience’s heart.

The rest of the act continued to defy expectaions with numbers from Sweeney Todd, Avenue Q, The Wizard of Oz, Heathers, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The full company did Time Warp, from Rock Horror, with as much finesse, if not more, than the actual musical to end the first act.

The second act began with another full company, Aquarius from Hair. The costumes were just as fun as the number. In lieu  of the seventies time period of the musical, there were Afros, dashikis, tye dye, big sunglasses, and even pyschadelic lighting to help set the mood. And, of course, the singing was excellent as well.

Following this were a few extremely moving solos from Christine Cummins and Nyasia Kelley. Then the audience was taken under the sea when Margaret Turner, Christine Cummins, Caroline Steed, Sarah Daniels, and Ginnie House performed She’s In Love from The Little Mermaid. It was such a fun rendition of the song with all the girls in blue and green to represent scaly tales, and Ginnie House in a bright yellow and blue ensemble as Flounder.

Then Miko Harper and Aushailene Ragin performed solos from The Color Purple and Les Miserables that were beautiful and moving with a profound power and soul. Christine Cummins and Darius Moore sung an emotional duet of All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera which left everyone in the audience nearly in tears.

The entire show ended with a full company performance of Don’t Feed The Plants from Little Shop of Horrors. It was an upbeat and fun way to end such a wonderful night. These two shows were a phenomenal method of saying goodbye to our seniors and hello to the astounding talent of our rising underclassmen.