Sandy Springs Bruster’s grand re-opening

The Sandy Springs Bruster’s ice cream shop, located on Johnson’s Ferry Road, has reopened after being shut down for 3-4 years. The owner of the Dunwoody Bruster’s, Vince Chastain, is responsible for bringing back the location. Chastain decided to open the location because he was aware the shop was very busy before it was closed and believed the location would be great for business as long as it was well maintained. The Bruster’s in Sandy Springs has been a popular location for families and friends to get together and bond over something almost everyone loves: Ice cream. “Before the Bruster’s closed, I used to go all the time with my family. We would sit in the parking lot on nice days, and we loved to take advantage of the free extra scoop when it rained. The ice cream was always a great quality and the location was very convenient. Now that I am older, I plan to visit the location more with friends and study groups,” says sophomore Caitlin Elgin. The Bruster’s original closing was reportedly due to negligence from the owner. The new management of this location is committed to creating a more safe and positive environment for this location. “I believe Bruster’s is a great place for people to come together. Nothing brings people together better than ice cream. It’s very rare for someone to dislike ice cream. Even if they do, Bruster’s provides a wide variety of products that don’t contain milk. Bruster’s always has a fun, happy, and enjoyable environment,” says Bruster’s manager Aerial Bright. Though the Bruster’s in Sandy Springs is not hiring at the moment, they are always accepting applications. Applications can be printed offline and turned into the location. Any students interested in a job at Bruster’s are encouraged to fill out an information, so Bruster’s has their information if help is needed. Caption: The Sandy Springs Bruster’s reopened on April 24 and business has been excellent for its first three weeks